• Chapter One:

    In the cold snowing night of the darkest dawn, I'm running. It's only about below 0 degrees and I'm sweating. My breath and my throat is on fire. I've been running forever, so it felt. But I knew as much as I was pushing myself, I would last. I fell to my knees, choking on each I'd take. Then, he came. I didn't know what his name was, so I tagged him as... "Shadow". He was dressed up in black, his eyes a piercing nd beautiful green, his hair, a pure, and the brightest white, his skin, was so pale.. So cold. THe same look in his eyes as he'd stare right in my eyes. COLD. I didn't touch his skin, I didn't look directly back in his eyes, but I'd shiver everytime he's look at me. He grabbed me by my arm and continue to stare at me. I was shaking a little, and I could help but look back at him. As soon as I did, my heart started to pound, so very fast I could count the many times that it did in my head.. His voice was so gentle as he spoke to me and asked, "Who.. Who are you exactly?" I blinked and shook my head, sighing. "No.. THat's what I should be asking YOU." He chukled gently and stroked his finger aross my pale cheek. "Adorable.. Determined I see." I blushed a little and took my arm back quickly. I then pulled his hood down taking a beter look at his face. My eyes seemed to widen and my pale cheeks bloomed in a light shade of red. "What is it? Are you sick or something?" He looked at me squinting slightly. I shook my head and turned around. "N-No.. I -" He tur.ned me back around and put both of his hands on my cheek, resting his forehead onto mine. "I slightly gasped and grabbed his wrists lightly. "Hmm.. You.. seem fine to me.." I was completely red in the face and I kept hold of his wrists. "Y-Yeah I know that. I told you tht before." "Peh.. Incredible. Now what was your name I didn't quite catch it." I raised an eyebrow. "I didn't say it and I'm not telling you until you tell me why you were chasing me." He laughed softly and smiled at me faintly. "Why? Oh. I wanted to play a game is all." I blinked in confusion. "A.. Game? Aren't you a little too old to be chasing girls to play your damned games?" He burst out into laughter and hugged me tightly. He sighed and smiled as he look at me. "Why, my dear you're completely right. I am old..." My eyes widened. "H-How "OLD" could you be..?" His smiled turned into a frown. "I - I'm.." I raised an eyesbrow and nodded. "Your..?" He sighed and pushed me off a little smiling, offering his hand to me. "I'm Ethan." I giggled sarcastically and looked at him with striaght face. "I didn't ASK for your name." He opened his eyes and blushed lightly. "I - I knew that. Heh." I shrugged and took his hand. "..Mandii." I said looking away in emmbarassment. "He laughed and hugged me tightly. " I'm so serious, how cute ~" I groaned. "Err.. Yeah.. Okay" The was starting to rise and he looked at me. "I - I have to go.. Uhm.. Fix.. A uh.. THe enviorment! Yeah that! All ~ the way in Japan. TO SAVE PANDAS!?!?! And I have to be there in 30 minutes!" I stayed quiet. "You're never gonna make it in time, dummy." He was about to speak then let out a big sigh. "I.. knew that.." I giggled and then crossed my arms. "Yeah, well I think I should be heading - " He kissed my cheek and covered my mouth to shush me. My face would start to shade into a dark pink and he some how vanished afterwards.. I will never understand that kid.. and some how, I think I want to see him again.. Want to? No... I HAVE to. And I will.. Someday