• Moony walked up the dirty, gritty drive to her house. Her pale hand was tremulous as she grasped the door to her house. The door creaked open to reveal… her Mom and Dad lying dead on the living room floor.
    She rushed toward their dead bodies and grasped them; a sudden thought came to her.
    What if the killer is still in the house?
    “I have to get out of here, and quick!” She whispered to herself as she ran down the hall to her room.
    Moony grabbed a bag and quickly threw in some clothes and some shoes. She was about to leave by jumping out her window when something came to her, she should bring her emergency kit, it had medicine, band-aids, toiletries, food and other items that she might need.
    She opened her window and jumped out of the window. She grabbed her Father’s axe on the way out of her house.
    “Goodbye, Mom goodbye, Dad. I will miss you… wish me luck with the rest of my life.” Moony murmured as she ran down her driveway sobbing silently into the night’s bitter arms.
    Moony had been walking for an hour or two; her legs were becoming numb so she decided to stop for a bit.
    “This rock looks okay to sleep on.” Moony whispered.
    “Whoa!” She muttered as she stared up at the moon, she saw a tree house in the tree above her.
    She climbed up the tree until she reached the tree house she went in.
    Moony plopped down her bag too impetuously; a hungry looking wolf greeted her!
    “Get away from my territory” It growled at her
    “Well, I am truly sorry but… NO! Will not leave! You don’t know what I have been through today you pretentious fool! My parents got murdered and I don’t know who the hell did it but when I got home they were laying on the floor dead! “ Moony yelled at the wolf.
    “Sorry…” The wolf yelled
    Moony cut in, “Now I will leave your lovely house! ”
    “You must be misconstrued girl, I like your back bone.” The wolf barked back.
    “Thanks, now then…” Moony hissed.
    “The name’s Steel. You?” The wolf growled
    “My names Moony.” Moony whispered as she rolled out a blanket for a bed, she was definitely staying.
    “Nice name, Moony you hungry?” Steel asked.
    “Yea, I forgot to pack some food though.” Moony explained
    “No problem, I will get us some meat. I will be back.” Steel roared as he jumped out of the window.
    “Mmm… he is odd, a talking wolf! That is ludicrous!” Moony murmured to herself.
    Steel returned within 10 minutes.
    “I’m back! I got some food!” Steel barked as he dropped a fish in front of Moony and he laid down a rabbit in front of himself.
    “Enjoy Moony!” Steel barked to he expeditiously gobbled up his rabbit.
    “Yummy! This fish is delectable, how did you get it cooked? Steel?” Moony exclaimed
    “Oh, you really like it? I got it cooked by throwing it in a fire.” Steel said blatantly as he continued to gulp down his rabbit.
    “Oh. What fire errr, I mean where did you find errr…. Make the fire?” Moony asked.
    “Oh, there was a conflagration like 20 or 30 minutes away. Right as I was leaving the firemen came and put it out.” Steel growled.
    “Really?! Thats cool I guess” Moony said as she drifted to sleep.
    Steel took notice of this and curled up next to her and drifted to sleep.
    The next morning when Moony woke up she noticed a note next to her, it was written in sloppy cursive, it said: “Moony, gone to get some food. Don’t worry about me i will be back in no time at all. Then i have to take you somewhere after we eat. Oh, I almost forgot... make sure you make a makeshift table and chairs before i get back because I'm tired of eating on the ground. Remember it doesn't have to look good because we ain’t staying here forever. Remember, if you ever need me then think of me.”
    “Hmmm. Better get on it then.” Moony exclaimed as she tossed the note onto the ground of the treehouse.
    She climbed down the ladder and started looking for some decent wood that she could make the table and chairs out of. She soon found a stump of wood about the size of a tea table so she brought it up to the tree house.
    “Now i just have to find something for the chairs.” She said to herself. It was then that she remembered that the one of the houses that lived not so far away had some little stools up in their lawn that would look great with the stump.
    “I’m sure that they really wouldn’t care but, I will give them a 20. First a gotta go back home to look for some money.” Moony quickly wrote a letter to Steel, grabbed the axe and ran to her home.
    She finally arrived after an hour or so and she walked into her house. Her parents bodies were gone!
    “The cops must have come.” She exclaimed a little too loud.
    She heard a little rustle then... footsteps... they were getting closer... she dropped her axe and all her belongings on the ground... she suddenly felt arms cross around her waist then a piece of tape put across her mouth.
    Moony tried to scream but when she did all that came out was a soft muffle. Suddenly her arms were tied together by a thick wire. She remembered what Steel had wrote in his note: “If you ever need me think of me.”
    Moony thought to herself, “What could that do? Well, it’s worth a try i guess.”
    “Steel, Steel, Steel. Save me Steel, i need you Steel!” Moony thought hardly to herself.
    Suddenly the doors burst open and through them came Steel! He screamed “MOONY!”
    He made a grave mistake and, he looked away from the enemies and looked at Moony. One of the men cocked his gun and pulled the trigger and Steel fell to the ground. He screamed with agony as he fell on his back.
    “So much for your rescue little girl!” The man that shot Steel laughed.
    “Yeah, you thought that we couldn’t handle that wolf?!” Another man yelled at her.
    “Sorry, but your friend is gonna become a jacket for my wife! Hahahahaha!” The man that had grabbed her said.
    Moony started to cry. The tears rolled down her cheeks and curved around her chin then to the ground. She got mad and madder.
    “John, look she’s glowing!”
    “Thats not all, her eyes are RED!!!” John screamed.
    Moony felt a wave of sleep come over her. She fell into a deep sleep. Right after her eyes shut they snapped open again and her eyes turned red and she glowed. Her body stood up and cracked the chair that she was on in half! She tore off the rope that was around her body then, her hand peeled off the tape on her mouth.
    The men quivered in the corner in the room.
    Moony picked up her axe and said, “The sun always has to set.”
    She swung the axe and let it fly across the room to the men. Their heads fell off one at a time. She leaned over Steel and whispered into his ear, “Rise fallen wolf.”
    He suddenly awoke.
    He clambered up to his feet and with tears in his eyes said, “Sweet child, i am in debt. You have saved me, i thank you with my whole heart.”
    “Steel...” Moony said with a caring voice.
    “Well, we best get out of this death house.” Steel said in a solemn voice as he pushed Moony out with his paw.
    As the friends walked away one of the men that had fallen on the ground suddenly hopped up onto to his feet and felt where his head had previously sat. He whispered a strange word and suddenly another head popped onto his neck.
    “Ahhhh...” He said in a scratchy voice.
    He picked up a stick that had somehow gotten brushed into the room during all the craziness. He walked out of the bloody room then picked up a full sprint while he started to run in the direction of which Moony and Steel had run.
    Moony and Steel had almost gotten back to the safety of the treehouse when a strange man stood in front of them and blocked them.
    “Umm... could you please move?” Moony asked the man in a shaky voice.
    “No” The man said in a quick and abrupt voice.
    “MOVE OUT OF MY WAY KIND SIR.” Steel barked at the man. The man stood motionless with an expressionless face.
    After a while of asking the man to move, Steel started to get angrier and angrier. Finally Steel could take it no longer! He lunged toward the man with barred teeth and anger in his gray eyes.
    “Steel! I give you life and this is what you give me back? You attempt take this poor man’s life? Stop it now!” Moony yelled.
    “Mast...errrrr i mean Moony, i am sorry but this man is in our way!” Steel explained as he tossed the man aside and ran up to Moony.
    Steel muzzled Moony for quite awhile (it was his attempt to say sorry) and finally Moony decided to move along towards the house. They had been walking for quite awhile when they finally made it back to the tree house. They climbed up the ladder and sat on the previously stolen chairs. They both sighed and sunk deeper into their chairs.
    “Steel, can i ask you something?”
    “You know back with that man why did you call me master?”
    “An old habit i guess.”
    “Why would you have that kind of habit?”
    Steel sighed and was about to open his mouth to tell her when Moony quickly added in,
    “I don’t mean to barge into your life or anything!”
    “Moony... i want you to know, i think you should know because this knowledge will prepare you for what is destined to come. Please listen.” He said in a solemn voice.
    “If you insist.” Moony said in the same solemn tone as Steel but secretly she was excited!
    “Well then, a few years back i used to work for this secret clan called Humira they committed their lives to hunting the so called “chosen ones”. My job was to lure them and then transport them to the clan so they can give them the injection...” Steel paused and pondered his thoughts.
    “The injection i don’t know much about but this much i know; it was made to put the chosen one in some sort of state in which they can be tortured and never die. For what reason they did this i will never know. Now then, i was born in a small town and was brought up by humans so i never knew there were others like me until the Humira clan... one mission i was sent out in the woods and i stumbled upon a family of wolves, like me. They were holding the chosen one and were saying “slaughter me not this one, we need her to save our race!” I asked “What race? Who are you” And many more but you get the point. Anyways, they sat me down and told me everything. About how we were the same and so much more. Right then and there i decided to run from Humira and lead my life being devoted to helping the chosen one run from the clan as my forefathers did. It wasn’t long before the clan figured out what i was doing so i had to run. I ran her and searched for “the one thats opposite the sun” (That was the only thing i knew abut you, the chosen one). Then you came into the tree house that night and i could see it in your eyes, you are the chosen one! Moony, they will chase us and try to kill us! I need you to understand this. There are many more things i need to find out but this is all i know.” Steel ended, breathless.
    “Woah. Steel. So that means that the humira want to kill me?” Moony tried to hold back her tears as she reached out for Steel.
    “Not just you Moony, they want to kill everything in it’s path that aren't like them they want the world to be only Humira, domination.” Steel explained.
    “Woah...” Moony was breathless with amazement and shuddered with fright.
    “Get your stuff ready because we are leaving tomorrow.”
    “Why are we moving?”
    “I will explain later...” He said.
    “Yeah, well i better get to bed” Steel said as he shied away from Moony.
    “Okay.” Moony whispered as she watched the wolf walk to his side of the tree house.
    When they woke up the nest morning they were all set to go!
    Moony picked up her stuff and went to wake Steel from his deep sleep.
    “Hmmm, i will miss this place even though i’ve been here for not even weeks.” Moony sighed.
    “Yeah I know how you feel... just ten times worse, i have lived here for years and years. Leaving then returning on my search for the chosen one but now, it feels as if i will never come back again.” Steel sighed as he strapped his small but valuable items onto his large, thick back and moved forward.
    Moony followed not saying a word but silently following feeling and understanding the pain that she felt when she was forced to leave her beloved home.
    The girl and the wolf staggered on and on into the woods and across the mountain until they passed a small cemetery and Steel suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.
    “Steel?” Moony asked wondering what the wolf was doing.
    “Moony dear, i would like you to meet the Sharp generation. All are dead but me, i am the last. All Sharps are destined to be killed by the Humira clan. My mother was killed violently from a hanging of the thought to be chosen one before you, you see the Humira clan got a hold of the thought to be chosen one somehow and they planed on injected her and hanging her repetitively but my mother overhead their plans and sought to thwart the evil plans so, she switched the injection with a medicine that wouldn’t harm the chosen one at all and they injected the chosen one believing that the fake injection was the real one and lined her up for the first hanging. My mother charged at them and prepared to release the chosen one but she was too late, a man threw a knife at her neck and right as she was about to cut the noose the knife penetrated her skin, ripping through the fur then the flesh and finally the piercing the veins and arteries and finally killing her, her body lay motionless on the ground... she was dead” Steel finished up tears welling in his squinty grey eyes.
    “There are many more stories i would like to tell you someday but, we don't have the time and we must be going now before the Humira catch up or find us.” Steel said abruptly before Moony would get the chance to say anything that would make Steel cry even more. They walked on talking every once in a while but of no significance. They finally decided to take a rest in a cave.
    “Good job walking Moony.” Steel murmured while he laid down his bag and attempted to make a small fire.
    “Look Steel, about your whole family I'm really sorry about all that and if there is ever anything you need me to do I'm here and i will protect you with my life and you're my family now.”
    “Moony, i love you. You’re like a daughter and friend to me and that means a lot to me that you said that but... save it because you are the one needing protection because... you’re the chosen one Moony. Not me and I'm your protecter.” Steel barked.
    “I understand but i would hate to loose you again Steel!” Moony exclaimed!
    “Well Moony i know how you feel but don’t worry about me... no Humira b*****d can take you from me or me from you cause i will slit their necks.” Steel yelled!
    “God, i love you Steel!” Moony yelled back at Steel.
    “Right back at you Moony but we best get some sleep so we can make some real good progress tomorrow.” And with that they shut their eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.
    “There they are!” Someone yelled softly
    “Jesus christ! Shut up before they wake up!” Another voice whispered back to the other voice. There was a brief rustling than a loud bang but, the bang was not loud enough to wake Moony and the wolf up.
    “Okay Chris. We got this, we got this now just give the girl the sleep injection then tranquilize the wolf. Or better yet, do the wolf first, he might act up.” The voice whispered towards the voice known to be Chris.
    “Yeah Bert, thats a good idea. You get the wolf i’ll get the girl.” Chris said softly.
    “God no. I call the shots, and i say u get the wolf.” Bert said.
    “Fine but if he wakes up I'm blaming it all on you!” Chris yelled
    “Jesus Chris shut up before we both get killed and go get the wolf!” Bert exclaimed as he walked to the curled up figure that was Moony. Chris sighed and walked over to Steel and took the tranquilizer and quickly but accurately stabbed it into the wolfs arm. Steel let out a quick yelp but that was the last thing he said.
    “Got the wolf Bert! Now quick get the girl before she wakes up!” Chris yelled a little too loud, Moony started to stir.
    “Damn it Chris, now look what you’ve done!” Bert whisper yelled to Chris who was standing over by Steel’s body.
    “Mom...Dad...hello...” Moony said in her sleep.
    “Aw Man Bert! Were gonna die now we've woken the girl! You know what the chosen one is capable of, well at least the thought to be one! Imagine the pain we will go through!” Chris yelped in his squeaky voice.
    “She is just a girl Chris stop being such a scaredy cat now i’ll inject her you bring the cart up here and load them in with the others. And just think of all the gold we’ll have after we turn all these wanted men.... and girl into the Humira clan! We’ll be RICH!” Bert exclaimed as he quickly injected Moony with the sleeping medicine. Chris quickly climbed his way back up to were Bert was standing, behind him was a horse drawn carriage with what seemed like hundreds of men in the back of it. Bert quickly picked up Steel and Moony and tossed them into the back of the carriage with the other bodies.
    “We got ‘em now MOVE!” Bert exclaimed as Chris cracked the whip at the horses and they galloped along faster. The bounty hunters rode along for no more than 15 minutes when they were stopped by guards.
    “What is your business beyond these gates?” The man asked Bert and Chris.
    “Kind sir, we’re only but poor gravediggers and we have just brought in the first batch we are to bury them in this town grave so please let us through.” Chris said in his best poor, suck up voice. The guards hesitated but finally decided to open the gates for them.
    “Enjoy your stay.” The guard sighed and moved out of the way of the carriage. Chris tutted the horses forward and went through the gates.
    “Haha, those suckers!” Bert exclaimed as he slapped Chris’s back in a joking manner.
    “Yeah! Now where to soften the boys and girl up a little?” Chris asked his voice growing anxious.
    “Hm, i heard that there was a small grove back in the woods and its far enough away that nobody will her the agonizing screams of the men... and girl.” Bert exclaimed.