• Have you ever been through time and space, seen a big, blue box that was actually bigger than it actually looked on the outside, been chased by a Raxacoricofallapatorian, or helped save the world from talking trashcans?(Daleks) I have. It was all with the Doctor. I know what your thinking, Doctor Who? That's exactly what I've been thinking these past four years, when we met it was just that feeling I had to go with him, I barely even knew him...actually I still don't, he has that impact on you.
    Nowadays, I'm back at home, three younger, annoying sisters, my Doctor slapping mother, and my computer freak father,(he is always on it!) At least most of the time when I'm on the computer, I'm helping save the world...again. Thanks to Tosh, I can get a hold of the rest of Torchwood in Cardiff. Jack needed a person in the U.S. so why not? I'm helping save the world...across the world them...interesting. So my journey hasn't ended yet, it feels like I'll be on it forever, but as the Doctor said," Never say forever."User Image