• There's a difference between you and me. You see, while your peacefully dreaming about chocolate waterfalls and forests filled with pizza trees, I'm out fighting against your nightmares. If your wondering why no ones told you about us before, I might as well tell you that we have to dispose of all those who seem to be a threat to us. This company I work for, Kathleens Flowers, is just a cover. There's actually a hidden passage that goes from the flower shop's little old well into our underground lair. (That's what I call it anyway) So, next time you pleasantly dream a nice dream, be grateful. And if you have a nightmare once in a while, that just means that we're busy protecting someone else from a nightmare that could leave them a mere shell of their former self.

    My phone rang, a familiar and pleasant beeping that clearly showed that my boss was calling and was giving me another mission that he assumed I would love. I know that assuming makes an a** out of you and me, but I've got this feeling that he doesn't. Oh yeah, and he's Bob. But I kinda pronounce it 'Baaaaaab' just to annoy him. (And it works!)
    I irritably flipped my phone open and answered the phone with the usual "What now?"
    "Katy!! Hurry up! I've got a mission for you, it's important!" he screamed into the phone. I've got a feeling that he's deaf too, so he doesn't notice he's blasting my eardrums. Or maybe he doesn't know how to talk on a phone..?

    To be continued..