• "hurry we must get there on time" jackle howled from feet infront of me.
    tonight is the great moon crimony of our land and ancesters.every six generations there is a celibration to welcome in the dawn of a new life fro our friends, for our family, for our self's. this was my first time out this late. the sun had set and the moon risen.
    jackle and i arrived in the circular cleering of the woods before the elders. our elders are of a sacred blood line that have extended lifes in which at the end of one we call it a new life. vile is to be the elder of the night. he is no older than me but even with the looks of a child and hair still brownhe is more wise and smart than anyone.
    "sit down my children. lend me your ears and eyes." and with those words elder jinder had us.
    "the fire turnes to embers. light fade dull. this my people will be a great begining for you and the land we travle."
    the night went on and i wondered off on the stream of dreams as i listened to the tail of how we came to be
    when i had awoken i found that i was not in the field or in my home but i was in anothers home.
    "have you became aware tury?"
    this was not a unknown voice but it was a voice i would not like to wake up to.
    "yes i'm up...vile. why am i in your house?, sleeping?, alone?" i hissed with taste of displeasure in my mouth.
    "you fell asleep half way through. just before i was anounced head elder."he said with a clam voice handing me a up of herbed water.
    "i don't see how you can be considered an elder your no older then me." finally wondering what time it was, yet i could tell it was not morning nor night.
    "how long have i been asleep?"
    "you sleep like a log in the uncharted forest so it was hard to bring you here on my back. but you sleep for two days. don't worry i told your aunt and uncle you where here."
    after "two days.." i had blocked him out and counted the days.
    without saying any thing i had stood up and headed for "the place to forget no one" .
    puzzled vile fallowed after not saying a word but i knew he was there from his wheight snaping the dried twiggs on the ground.
    i slowly paced to where my mother and father were kept in their iternal sleep until thier souls where needed once more. under standing vile gave me a moment of peace knowing what had happened long ago.
    when i was 5 years old mother asnd father went to catch fish from the river. they had caught so much fish, for it was mating season, to atract a big brown bare and its cubs. my father tried to protect my mother but the bare had so much hunger it raged my parents into the sharp jaged rocks that lined the river. no one told me anything but all of a suden i was living with my aunt, uncle and thier three sons. finally when i had turned 13 they told me what had happened, that night i cried and cried so much that no one bwould ever have to cry again.
    "i am so sorry you lost your parents young but those of us who have as well know what its like." vile wispered after seeing the wet ground below my face