• Chapter 1 Getting to Know Your Partners

    Zach was on his way to the library when he saw an advertisement for a job. It read,"If U r looking 4 a job that requires skill,leadership,and danger than come to 230 avenue in the back of the alley!" Zach thought it was some skater trying to pull a prank on someone so he was going to play along. He walked over to the address and waited. He saw nothing. Then a secret door opened and asked him," This job also requires someone who can keep a secret and is good at teamwork". The zach thought,"Why would someone pay a lot of money just for a joke?" He decided to walk in the door. When he walked in, a screen came up. It had a sign in screen and a new memeber sign in. Zach clicked on the new sign in. It asked him for personal information, what name he would want for another name, and a secret code name. Zach thought this was cool. He signed in and made his second name Justin. Then he put Shadow as his codename. It worked! A door opened and he walked in. The bilding was empty. Just as he was about to walk out a man appeared out of nowhere. Zach turned around and saw a mysterious figure standing in front of him. It was just a shadow. He asked the shadow<" why are you a shadow?" The man replied," because i am you" Zach was confused. How could this man be him? Then the shadow said,"This is what you will look like when you become an agent here. Your codename is Shadow so im a shadow.Zach replied," How can that be? Im only 12! You look like your 21 or 22!" "Im 23 to be exact and you cant be a 12 year-old and be an agent! Now do you want to proceed?" "Yes" "Then lets get to know your new partners."