• Love is in the air.
    sometimes , they called love.
    they effect on people attentions,
    sometimes they want to feel them no harm.
    when they harm people . They Protect them for keeping no Painful sadness.
    but how did it goes. Suddenly they became happy with there hearts at through.

    How do effect it to other peoples.
    it gets feeling your good and lonely.
    but when ladies or girls attract you .
    then it gets more liking on people.
    how did you felt or feel that you like her or something.
    first you get felting like your with someone through is in your hearts.
    second : your feelings to her/his are normal or good us i know.

    Then You attach to her/his feelings you want to feel about her/his.
    Don't be shy to tell her /his feels that you want to in your hearts.
    Even if you don't know him/her just tell him/her Hi ?
    Could you be my friends. Friends first before anything.

    Through : how they felt for your feelings.
    Never do anything rude to his/her .
    Be nice and be good, feel free to ask him/her what you want to tell them.
    Ask there feelings if she/he is sad , cheer him/her feelings.