• Sierra dived back into the water about a month later after his wound was healed. HE swam too the deppest depth of the horrid, mysterious, dreadful water. He found nothing. Yet the thing was so HUGE! The next day he took an axe thinking if he saw it hed be able to kill it. But it didn't come.
    Not the next day. Nor the next. Nor the next until finally he saw a shape in the water the same shape as he saw it before his eyes. He swung his axe hitting the target! Yes! He hit it!
    But yet it was not injured. Its body was like steel and broke its axe. This time hed get it. He will kill the demonic lifeform within these waters!!!
    His heart pounding with anger! he took his 3-57 magnum from his dads guncase and went back to the waters. There it was standing out of the water like it was floating mid-air. He shot at it-- nothing. The bullets bounced of its gills like a rubber ball. Again, nothing. The eyes of the demon grew larger and and blacker. Soon it turned red and went back into the water.
    "AHGGGHHH!!!! S***T!!! Why isnt it dieing?!!?!?!?"
    HE waited untill dawn the next morning waiting for it to come back but it didnt. Why won't it die? he doesnt know. He just went back inside and watched tv. Until he heard another splash and took a razor sharp knife went outside and saw the demostic lifeform he through the nife right in the large red eyes.
    It fell backwards into the water with black. red, green, and purple, gushes of blood coming out of its backside.
    "I killed it i finally killed it!!!"
    He called the police department reporting the dead demon. But when they came everything was gone. The demons body the blood. It was like nothing happened. The water was clean as usual. When they left he thought
    Why wont that THING! DIE???

    to be continued.....