• "Hey, sir, can I please get a ride. I'm very late to my work." A girl said sitting in the pouring rain.
    "Sure, where do you work?" The guy asked smiling.
    "Forth District, Root road, 30 Second Games office building." she answered.
    He didn't answer and opened the car door for her. She got in and held her package very tightly and they didn't say anything the whole time.

    The girl, named Sara, Looked out the window at the pouring rain. Since she didn't know him, she didn't want to talk. The boy, named Lennex, Kept his eyes on the road and occasionly looked at Sara.

    When they got to the office, Lennex parked the car and went in with Sara. Sara went to her cubical and Lennex went to his. When Sara saw him sit down and took down his hair, she relised who he was. Sara was surprised for a moment, then got happy.

    Lennex was Sara's love interest ever since she started working at 30 Second Games, which was three years ago. But she knew she couldn't be with him. There was a rule at 30 Second Games "A co-worker must not be intimate with another."

    Sara and other co-workers didn't like this rule, but they couldn't change it. So Sara just decided to watch from a far and just try to be friends with him. Sara never had the courage to go up to him and give him the package she always had with her. It had a poem, a picture, a video and a death wish. The death wish said "Don't die with me if you do love me. But if you don't, I was very happy to love you and hope you have a wonderful life. Thank you for letting me love you."

    Sara was diagnosed with cancer and was going to die soon. So once she got out of work she decided to give the package to him. So, her work got done and she saw him waiting for cars to go by in his car. She knocked on his window and he rolled it down.
    "Here you go Mr. Link." Sara said, giving it to him, shaking.
    "What's this Miss Howell?" Lennex asked, taking it.
    She didn't answer and went red in the face. She relised she was very flustered and ran. She ran so fast she got to her apartment in five minutes. It usually takes 20 minutes.

    She went in her apartment, room 317 Zoolin apartments and started to cough up blood.
    "So this is what death is like. At least I gave him that package. Bye, my sweet Lennex, I'll miss you. Thank you for letting me love you." Was Sara's final words. She died on her couch and died with dignity.

    After about 10 minutes, Lennex Went to Sara's apartment. He slamed open her door And saw her laying on her death bed. He started weeping out in Pain and didn't say anything.

    He had loved Sara just like Sara had loved him. So Lennex Made himself have a heart attack so he could be with Sara forever.

    Lennex and Sara were found a day later and had a funeral together. They had been Buried right next to each other too. A lot of people were very sad and the president of the company decided to get rid of the rule.

    Lennex And Sara were reborn and lived together forever and all eternity.