• Secret Love Chapter 2

    Elvi sat there, staring at the food she bought. Mabel usually sat there with her, but since she was absent for the day, she sat there alone, she looked up seeing the handsomest face she's ever seen. Vincent Argenue, just the way he walks, so graceful, hes very polite to everybody, she heard a bunch of girls talking about him said he was a gentleman,

    Seeing him walking by with a flock of girls stalking at his every step, she sighed and collected her things and started to stand up when a shadow getting closer caught her eye, she looked up, curious, and surprise came flooding in her face
    Vincent saw the girl again, looking at her food, just under the tree. She looked so beautiful, his heart started beating faster, what he liked about her is that she's so nice to everyone, she smiles a lot, and she doesn't wear make-up, actually, she doesn't even need make up, her lips were full, red, perfectly sculpted her perfect cheekbones her skin looked so soft and inviting, he saw her blush once, when they locked in each other's eyes, her eyes were the most beautiful, framed with long eyelashes, she is also very sexy that once his eyes glued on her it was hard for him to turn away,

    he snapped away from his daydream when he heard a giggle from behind, curious, he looked back, seeing half a dozen girls trailing his every step, some blushed as they were caught, he smiled at them and said "good morning" they giggle some more and he turned his attention at the front, but stopped halfway when he saw the girl bending and collecting her things, I don't even know her name, maybe this is my chance, he thought, he turned to her, when he was close enough he saw the girl stop and look up, curious to surprise eyes met his, he gulped and said "hey, do you need help?" he asked, vaguely noticing a growl from one of the girls from behind,the girl blinked and said "uh sure, thanks" he bend to take the remaining things, picking up a small picture, curious, he flipped it and saw a picture of two girls, smiling so freely, he grinned at the picture, and turned to the girl, still smiling he said " who's this with you?" she looked at him first then the picture, and smiled, "oh thats my best friend Mabel, shes sick today so she couldn't come to school." "Oh,." he replied, she looks so beautiful, she should smile more often he thought. "Since your best friend's name is Mabel, may you tell me yours?" he asked. "Oh, its Elvi" she said still smiling, "Elvi nice to meet you, I'm Vincent, I'm sure you know that already since we were in the same class," she abruptly looked at her watch and said "oh I gotta go, its time for class goodbye Vincent," "uh sure bye" she then walked swiftly away, his eyes trailing to her behind, he gulped, swallowing the excess saliva, Oh god I'm turning to a pervert, atleast now I know my brother's fixation on his girlfriend's behind each time she walks away or trail in front him he thought, he sighed and looked behind him, seeing half the girls with hungry and also angry expressions, he chuckles and said "goodbye ladies,"and turned to leave...