• Chapter 1: The First
    i awoke to a red and orange tinted with blue in the sky...i quickly put on my clothes to get ready for school.everything seemed the norm so i continued to look out the window for a sign of the bus.should have arrived at 6:40 a.m. now it was 9:00...something was up...not only did my bus never come but neither did my old school's or the one before that.the kids whose bus was there still waited...it seemed like they didn't notice anything.they tried to call their parents, unknowing my house is popular for being a dead-zone.they walked back.
    i walked out.i went to my friend mason's house.i knocked on it(you know common curtesty) no answer.so i walked around to see if i could get in the front door(we use the side)...locked.so i went looking for open windows.only one on the second floor in the room across the hall.i yelled,hey if it woke anyone else up maybe they could explain this too.of course mason's a heavy sleeper.so i had to do the second best thing.i got one of the statues by his side door and smashed the huge window next to the door.
    i walked up to his room where he was still sleeping and yelled.he jumped, i lauged a little, whatever.he screamed at me and went back to sleep.
    "get up something is wrong!!!"i yelled in his ear.
    "what's wrong?"mason said half-asleep
    "everyone is gone..."i said.just than mason got up and asked what i ment so i told him my story.he came down the stairs and looked around.
    "mom, micheal???"mason said.no answer."there has to be some explaination..."we walked down the street.no one around.we walked into the closest development all we found was josh wandering around.
    "where is everyone???"josh asked
    "i don't know."i said
    "josh can we need your car keys."mason said
    "no!"josh said"there has to be an explaination"
    "there is no explaination!can't you see almost everyone is gone???something has to be up!!!"i said to josh.josh went into his house.mason got in the drivers seat and me and josh got in the back.we all decided we should the place where devonn lives(since that's a huge place).
    "no one...it's like a freakin' ghost town."i said looking out the window.
    we pulled into devonns house, and walked in.
    "devonn, ray???"all of us called out.
    we went into each of there rooms and woke them up.we told them our story so far...

    *look around for chapter 2*