• John: My birthday was tommorrow. The big 17th birthday I groaned. I sat down on the love seat across from my "mother" and "father". They looked like freaks and everyone made fun of me for having them as parents. They both were pale white, never ate, and had weird gold eyes that sometimes turned black. When they did they left me alone for a day or two. They were smiling and it digusted me. "So what are you going to kill me? I'll be 18 next year. So what I have a year to live? What the hell, Gena!" I started getting mad and her smile faded and she frowned.
    Gena: "No, John. We're not going to kill you!" she stopped to giggle. "We are immortal. Vampires, dear. We want to change you."
    John: Like an idiot my mouth dropped open. "No!" I got up and ran outside. I ran into a girl. She had long blonde hair and a nice body. "Woops, sorry." I looked into her blue eyes and she smilied.
    Kelly: "Oh it's fine. My names Kelly." She put out her hand.
    John: I shook it. "My names John..." She giggled.
    Kelly: "Well were are you heading to? I'm going to the park down the street."
    John: I nodded. "Same place."
    Kelly: "Then its a date c'mon!" She pulled my arm and we walked silently to the park. As we walked thur the big iron gates she sat by an apple tree and patted the spot besides her.
    John: "Wont your boyfriend be mad?" I didnt mean to be so mean and I grimaced. Kelly burst out laughing.
    Kelly: "Boyfriend? What boyfriend? And wont your girlfriend be mad?"
    John: "What girlfriend?" I teased. It was true I hadn't had a girlfriend since 7th grade and I sighed.
    Kelly: "Well then I'm in luck."
    John: Her smile was brilliant and I fell quickly for her. It started getting dark and before I knew it she was laying on top of me. "Kelly what are you doing?" I sounded shocked and very unsure.
    Kelly: "I thought you wanted me." She sighed and rolled off and next to me.
    John: "I do. But that was a little fast."
    Kelly: "I feel like I've known you for years. I have told you everything about my life, mistakes and that I'm a virgin." She smiled and it knocked me breathless.
    John: "And I did the same." I rolled her back ontop of me and kissed her.
    Kelly: "Please, John? I want to give my virginaty to you."
    John: "Kelly... Are you sure?"
    Kelly: "Yes. I have never been so sure about someone."
    John: I rolled ontop of her and kissed her and her neck.
    Kelly: "John. Lower." She moan slightly.
    John: I smiled and kissed lower. She pulled off her clothes and did the same to me. I started it and she smiled. "Why are you smiling?" I hope she wasnt using me!
    Kelly: "I'm not," she stopped to moan. "I'm not using you. I love you." She pulled my hair.
    John: I lost my virginess that night. I walked her home.
    Kelly: "John?" She looked at me.
    John: "Kelly?"
    Kelly: "I'm happy you took it and not some big jocky dude. I love you." She stopped and pulled me close to kiss me.
    John: I couldnt help myself. I toke her home and threw my window.
    Kelly: "John what are you doing?! Of course I want more of you... But what if she comes in?"
    John: I nodded. "Oh she will." I laughed and Kelly laughed along with me. As I pulled mine and her clothes off and started again Kelly moaned louder than before. Gena came in to see what was going on.
    Gena: "John!"

    (Sorry if this chapter was nasty XD)