• Mrs. Benkins was staring at us.
    Me in front with Seth behind.

    "Like I said, What the heck is going on here?" Her voice carried throughout the dorm.

    Teens were stepping out of their dorms probably wanted to see what all the commotion was.
    Great first thing in the morning and already getting a lecture.

    "Well" Seth began "Mia came to my room, to show me where everyone goes and eat breakfast at." He gave me a small wink, only I could see.
    "Right" I said playing along. "We were about to go" I said trying to edge my way around.

    Seth tried to follow right behind me, but Mrs. Benkins stepped in front of us.
    "Hold on right there" she demanded "I'm not done with you"

    Seth and I stood there staring at her. What more was there? Did she not buy it.
    "I thought Mia showed you around the first day" she looked at Seth. He turned his face slightly to reveal a bandage across his face.

    "she did" he said "I just thought it would be nice to have company for breakfast.
    "Who helped you with the bandage?" Mrs. Benkins said changing the subject. "The ways its patched up, its impossible for you to do it on your own." she said it more to Seth, but she was glaring at me.

    "What? Do you think im incapable of doing these sorts of things on my own?" Seth asked offended.
    "Who helped you?" She asked again, ignoring Seth's remark.
    "I did it on my own" He sneered at her.

    Everyone was now out of their rooms staring at the scene. A few of the girls were checking out Seth, you can hear them muttering "He's hot" and others asking, "We have a new person?" but Seth ignored all the other girls.

    "Mrs. Benkins really we were just going to get breakfast." I interrupted before she could interrogate Seth any more.
    "Shutup Mia. I wasnt speaking to you" She shoved me out of the way.
    "you b***h. Dont you dare speak to Mia like that" Seth began shouting. But stopped when I put my hand on his arms.

    "Oh look at that. The poor guy is defending the monster. To bad he doesnt realize she is a killer" A girl from the crowd began to speak.
    She was a skinny boned girl. She was tall and had dark skin. Her hair was red, and she had freckles. She looked like your average girl.
    "Shut up" Seth spat at her.
    "Really your wasting your time with her" The girls spoke again. "When she gets angry she will just kill you off. But its your fault if you want to protect the freak." The girl continue.

    Seth looks to me. I could feel my eyes starting to water up. I was use to all of the name calling. But I couldnt stand someone calling me a monster in front of a friend.

    "Look here" Seth said approaching the girl. "You better watch yourself or else"
    "or else what?" Mrs. Benkins finally spoke. I had forgotten she was there.
    Seth step back to where I stood.
    "nothing" He answered.
    "Thats what I thought" The girl from the crowd sneered.
    "Everyone leave now!" Mrs. Benkins shouted to the crowd. "nothing to see here"

    Everyone started walking off into different directions. Leaving behind just me, Seth, and the devil.

    "So this turned out to be a show more then a punishment." Mrs. Benkins spoke out loud.
    "I have a headache now. Just leave before It gets any worse" She commanded walking away from us.

    "Wow we got away" Seth said in astonishment
    "Yeah" I croaked "Thanks for what you said back there" My voice muffled by my crying.
    "Are you ok?" He asked walking towards me.
    "Yes" I said "I'm fine" Even though I said I was fine. I wasn't. The words this time hurt even more. And I guess Seth could tell I was lying, Because he reached to me. Giving me a comfort hug. Which I then just nuzzled my face into his chest.

    "Its fine Mia. That girl is just a b***h" He told me, still holding onto me.
    "Thanks" I said again.
    "Anytime" He promised me."Now stop crying and lets go get breakfast." he said pushing me away.

    "Sure" I smiled to him.