• "Stay here." the Doctor said gravely as he walked towards the entrance to the kitchen. We sat there worried about what was in there and scared that the Doctor might not make it out. A few minuets later which seemed so much longer he walked out but he wasn't alone,"Austin!?" I exclaimed,"What are you doing here?"
    Austin is one of my classmates. He's into space and all that cool stuff like I am. We are such geeks. I bare that name proudly though.
    K-9 rolled to the side of Sarah Jane," That-answers-your-question-mistress." he recited. Sarah Jane looked up at Austin,"OH! So your the one who chased my dog across the campus is that right?" she asked him. Austin smiled and laughed,"That's a dog?"he looked down at K-9,"That is SO cool."
    "How much did you hear?" the Doctor asked him.
    "A little bit." he shrugged.
    "And how much was that little bit?" I asked him as I stood up from the table.
    "Everything." he mumbled.

    The Doctor took out this weird looking thing out of his jacket pocket,"What are you doing?" I asked him.
    "Erasing his mind, we already have you knowing everything, we don't need another person. He'll think it was all a dream when he wakes up." He held it up to his head.
    "WAIT!!!!" I yelled. He took it down. I have always looked for proof that aliens existed but I haven't been the only one. Austin has to. He's tried long and hard to find it and unlike me, he's been made fun of for it. I don't think it would be fair.
    "Don't" I told him.
    "Why?" he asked me.
    "We might need his help later. We still need to get your Tardis remember?" Everybody had their eyes on the Doctor waiting for his answer, even Austin did. After a moment of silence, he put his device away,"All right,"he answered,"on only one condition, if he doesn't tell anyone about anything, understand?" Austin nodded fiercefully.

    We got straight to planning Plan A. It was that the Doctor, Sarah Jane, Maria, Luke, Clyde, and K-9 would drive in Sarahs 1989 Emerald Green Nissan Figaro to the Sheriffs department while Austin and I take the long ride to Fresno on one of the late buses and meet them there. Than we would take it from there. I looked up at the clock. 5:16. All ready?

    We all walked out of the cafeteria. Austin caught up to me,"Hey, this plan sounds great and all, but how are we gonna tell our parents?"
    "They said the Tardis was a Time Machine, maybe we won't have to tell them."
    "And we should just trust them is that it? Who knows, they could be some of those crazy people."
    "Look..." I said as we stopped walking,"...look at that robot, where would they get that technology from? And also, who is the one who has been wanting to find proof of alien life?"
    Austin rolled his eyes,"Me."
    "Okay then, are you really going to give up now?"
    He shook his head.
    "All right," I said relieved. It would be nice to have somebody else know this,"Lets go."

    We all walked up to the library. Luke and I had our bags in there still. Everybody else stayed outside,"Are you nervous?" Luke asked me as we walked in.
    "Don't be silly." he answered back as he picked up his books off the table and I walked over to the other side of the room to get my bag,"You have got to be a bit nervous."
    I closed the math book still wide open on the table and zipped up my backpack and made my way through the number of other tables to put the book away,"All right,"I admitted," Maybe I am a bit nervous, but I am filled with excitement as well."
    "Really?" We walked towards the door.
    "Uh huh. I mean, staying here is so boring, I want adventure for a change."

    We walked back out the door and met the others outside once again,"All right, be careful," the Doctor said looking at me and Austin.
    "We will." I answered.
    The others walked towards the parking lot as Austin and I sprinted across campus to catch the bus.