• Part 2

    "Oh, great! You've discovered the book I have been meaning to give you." My mom walked in, wearing a MCR shirt and slacks. Strange combo, I know. But my mom likes the style plus she looks awesome in it! "Yea, what is it?" I inquired, my eyebrows furrowing while my mom chuckled. Her voice was soothing, chuckling or not. "Oh, its about how you can control your, urges to feed on helpless wretches and scoundrels." She smiled as she shook her head back and forth, her chocolate brown hair whipping back and forth too. "When I became a vampire, my mother gave me this book. Basically use it as a guide on your new life. But it doesn't help much, the vampires who wrote it couldn't write that well." She frowned at it. I shrugged, and put it back. 'What's the use of using a book that can barely help you?' I asked myself. " I'll put it in my room later, school's gonna start in like, twenty minutes so i have to go meet Shelby like, now." I began to prance towards the door, I was in a fairly good mood today! "In your P.J.'s?" My dad casually walked in wearing a suit, drinking his usual steaming hot blood. He can't stand coffee, so he puts his victims blood in a thermos when he finishes drinking and takes it home to heat up for the mornings. It's a good idea if you ask me. I looked down at myself to see what I was wearing. " HOLY CRAP! I'm still in my P.J.'s!!!" My parents laughed as I bolted up stairs to get dressed. When I came down stairs my parents had left for work, so I walked out the back door and around the house to the sidewalk. My best friend Shelby was waiting for me. "Nice outfit." She said, stiffling a laugh. I was wearing a green and black striped shirt with hearts on it, ripped light blue jeans, and pink flip-flops. "Thanks, I didn't feel like matching today, but id kinda does match, I guess,..." "I can see that." She said as we started walking. She was wearing black flares, a Linkin Park shirt, and etnies. "Hmmph." I rolled my eyes. "I'm surprised that you waited for me. Now we both will be So late." All She did was smile, shrug, then walk faster. "Then I guess we should be walking faster to get to school!" She began to run and I folled her, laughing. "And that's what friends are for. Duh! I'd have thought that you would know that by now." She whacked me on the head. I scowled, rubbing the spot, pretending like it hurt,..

    Part 3

    We arrived at our high school, running like crazy so that we would make it to our classroom before the bell rang. Sure enough, right after we planted ourselves in our seats the bell rang. 'Phew!' I thought to myself as I gave a relaxed sigh. "I really need to get myself an alarm clock." I looked around the room to see people staring at me. I glared at them and shifted in my seat, glancing at Shelby, who was laughing hysterically. "And what are you laughing at exactly?" I inquired while raising an eyebrow. She shook her head, trying to calm herself down. She began to stop laughing, quivering huffs of breath escaping her mouth. "Its just that,-" She closed her eyes trying to calm herself down." Its just that I just realized that you, that you're wearing your pants backwards!" Then she lost control and began yet another fit of laughter. "Well of Course I did silly! This is the New style, yo." I stated sarcastically, making a peace sign. I thought her laughing spree was ridiculouse, but then again I would have done the same thing if it were her. I bounced my eyebrows up then down quickly, sticking my tongue to the inside of my cheek and began to wander into thought. But my thoughts were trampled by the one and only Mr. Nikoles, our English teacher. Mr. Nikoles came in, waving his arms around furiously to try and calm us down. He hated laughter in the classroom, never let anyone have Any fun, nor allowed talking. The class became silent, someone coughed. He eyed everyone before sitting down in his seat. I could just tell that this would be an annoying day in English class. But, again I was wrong! He made us write essays! Yay! Right when he announced that we had to write an essay everyone except me groaned. Though most kids hate to even have to write anything more than a paragraph, I enjoy doing so, Especially when we are timed. Whenever there is pressure in the air, I just flow with these random brilliant ideas that burst into my brain. The topic Mr. Nikoles had us use was what we like. It didn't matter what it was, it just had to be something that we liked to do or what we like as in going places, music, etc. And do you know what I wrote about? I wrote about why I liked writing, because in writing I can express myself in any way possible that I can think of, if its through characters, poems, lyrics to a song, Anything! But since this topic was on what we liked, I couldn't use the topic that I usually use, what I HATE. My writing usually consists of my basic dose of hatred towards the life I am living right now, being cursed to a bloodthirsty time where you cannot escape. Well, unless you die, painfully. But sometimes the topic I use of being cursed has two meanings: the first one is the bloodthirsty days you cannot escape, the second is being cursed as in everyone's afraid of you and none treat you like a regular person. When they find out the real truth behind who you are they shy away and keep theri distance. Poems help me vent out my frustration towards life,.. I use Poems the most.

    A Cursed Life Full of Bloodlust
    PART 4

    The courtyard was beautiful; black picnic tables were surrounded by cherry blossom trees and healthy green grass with the occasional weeds,.. Well, I thought it was beautiful. Anyways, Shelby and I sat down with our lunches: school pizza and choco milk for her, an apple for me. Before I became a vampire I used to eat the same thing as her, but now I just snack on fruit. And the good thing, no one asks why. If someone asked me why I only ate an apple then I'd have to think really quick on why. Shelby and I have been best friends since kindergarten and every secret that I have told her she has kept, and I had been thinking,... "Hey Shelby?" My voice was small, I had been thinking about this for a while. I sighed as I stared at my half-eaten apple. "Yea?" She smiled. "If I told you something, unbelievable, that seems crazy, would you still like me? Like, I-I really want to ask you something but I know you'll think I'm totally nuts." My head began to loll to the side. I was worried, I really wanted to tell Shelby but what if she didn't believe me? What if she thought I was trying to make a joke? My parents had told me that I could tell any friend I wanted that my family consisted of cold-blooded killers. Chuckling, I fixed my posture from the slouched position I was in now. Shelby cocked her head to the side and laughed. "Of course I'd still like you! You're my best friend." She paused, and gave me a puzzled look. "What would you possibly tell me that would end our friendship, or make me think you're a crazy phsyco-path?" "Phsyco-path?" I raised an eyebrow and slightly shook my head. She took my hand and squeezed it for comfort. "Now what do you wanna tell me?" I sighed. "Well,.." I looked around to check and see if anyone was close enough to hear. "My family including me, and some of my friends are-" my voice was getting quieter and quieter. Shelby leaned in and cupped a hand over her ear. "Are, what?" I began to twirl my thumbs. "They're-we are, vampires." She bursted out laughing. I scowled, though this reaction was no surprise to me. I just wanted her to take it seriously, but what was I to expect? She could have done anything. "I'm serious Shelby! Haven't you noticed that I've changed?" She shook her head and continued to laugh. "For one I am alot paler, I barely eat, Number two-" I held up two fingers, "I write all those sad poems, and then whenever someone touches me with their silver bracelets or silver anything I get mad and make them put it away?" She looked thoughtful. "Yea, but you are going through a phase, you'll get over it." At that she began chuckling. Oh yea! And did I mention that we vampires cannot stand silver? It burns us! So now I can't have any earrings or anything. Sucks for me,.. "Just think about it Shelby." I was very agitated, glaring at everythign around me I got my stuff together. She sighed and gave me one of those 'whatever' looks as I got up to put my apple in the trash. But instead of walking away, I walked back. "Oh and I'm not gonna be here at school tomorrow." I gave her a haughty smile and walked away as fast as I could to my last class. Math was as boring as ever. We were taking a glorious 'Pop' quiz about Polynomials and all that other crap that we learned a week ago. Well, after math I made my way through the thickening crowd of students towards the bus ramp where I met Shelby. We walk home, so we have to wait for all those stinkin' busses to clear out before we can actually move anywhere. The long walk home seemed to take forever since neither Shelby or I talked. The only sound I heard were some crickets and, her heartbeat. Its sound was quick and every time I looked over at her it quickened even more. She was probably all aggravated about our little chat earlier, and my snooty exit. Sighing, I mumbled the words I'm sorry as she turned to walk up to her house. She stopped and looked down over her shoulder. "It's okay, and I am sorry too. I shouldn't have laughed like that. It wasn't that funny, your face was just so scared looking that I thought you'd say something else that was more, more,.. Ughh, whats the word?!" She started slapping her forehead, making me laugh. "Ghastly?" "No, umm, like more of something that would make me worry. Like something tragic happened or something." "Oh,.. Well, bye." I waved and she smiled as she walked up her porch steps. Relieved now that she wasn't super mad or anything, I walked across her lawn to the back of my house.