• A.K.A Wolf Act IX- Too Late.

    When you think you have someone very close to you in your arms that everything will be ok. Not really.

    In 12 hours, Surt-Lim had stabbed my pressure points with 10 of his sickeningly sharp metal rods; two in my sides, missing all of my vital organs, two in my wrists and once again avoiding all major veins, two in-between my shin and kneecap, and two in my shoulders. I did get sick at one point, I can’t remember. My blood was making it’s own river system and the room around me was coated with random splatters of crimson. The small of my own blood was both sickening and intoxicating…I have no idea why. The only two pressure points left were in my neck, and I knew that if that didn’t kill me the blood loss would. My breathing was shallow and shaky but I was fully conscious.

    “This is really getting fun. Don’t you think so, Yukiru?” I heard Surt-Lim’s voice again. It almost made throw up every time I heard it. For the next two he actually sharpened the spikes even more. My body was almost accustomed to the pain and it just felt like a bad headache all over my body. Ad with every heartbeat I could feel my body draining and getting heavier. So, when the remaining two rods were slammed into my neck, I merely groaned and let the last remaining cups of blood swim down my neck, off of my body and onto the floor. Some of it got on the walls I think. Surt-Lim laughed as blood seeped out of my mouth, “If you just yell or scream or cry, I will all the pain go away.” Oh how that offer seemed like a one-way ticket to happiness but that’s just what the sick b*****d wanted! He wanted me to cave and show my weakness.

    I sniffled and forced tears out of my eyes, “Mhm,” I whimpered to tell Surt-Lim that I would scream for him. And when he put his face close to mine, instead of crying I spit on his face. Out of reflex it seemed, he pulled out a dagger and plunged it into the middle of my chest. My mouth gaped open and an explosion of blood followed. Surt-Lim wiped my saliva from his face, “You know, you’re kind of a b***h.” I gave a weak smile, my eyes shut, my tortured body shut down and my entire world dissolved to black. Death.


    {Zero’s Point of View}

    One day seemed to follow right behind another. There was no night only when the sun set and rose back up again, taunting us as if we couldn’t enjoy 5 minutes from the sun’s constant beating. It is true that if you don’t think about time, it flies by. But, when time is the only factor, eight days can seem like eight weeks. And finally, that day came for Sparks, Hotaka and I to approach the cave where our whole tale began. Sparks passed out momentarily after arriving and Hotaka dove right into the river near us for instant gratification. As for me, I was far too concerned that the smell of blood smothered the air; Yukiru’s blood. Rage and sorrow over threw me as I ran into the cave’s opening. The longest corridor I have ever been on awaited me. As I got deeper, Yukiru’s blood reeked more and more. A new blood smell emerged as well when I finally entered this huge round stone room with a large bowl in the very center dancing with embers. I recognized the male voice in the room immediately, “Surt-Lim!” I growled as I ran over to his pathetic position. He was stabbing himself in the stomach and slitting his wrists with a knife and he kept repeating, “This is fun. Fun is good.” He had snapped. I picked him up by the collar of his shirt, “Where…is she?”

    He laughed maniacally, “Where isn’t she?” I couldn’t contain my escalating rage any longer. I slit Surt-Lim’s throat with the knife he was cutting himself with.

    “Yukiru!?!” I called out of desperation. The embers in the bowl were sort of fresh and remained hot so, I found some sticks and leaves to get a fire, just enough to see my surroundings well enough. And, it didn’t take me long to figure out why Surt-Lim said, ‘where isn’t she?’ Blood was splattered in almost every direction. Small streams of blood covered the entire floor of the cave and as I looked more to my left, the streams got bigger, wider and congregated into a large pool with a constant; drip, drop, drip, drop above it. As soon as I looked up, I regretted I ever did. Yukiru, my KiKi, was chained up on the wall with her arms out on either side of her and her feet together with blood slowly dripping from her bare toes. She…she looked like a cactus from hell. These steel pins were jutting out of her with very trace drops of blood dripping off of the tips. But, what really made me fall to my knees was the dagger sticking out of her bleeding chest. She had her eyes closed and she was pale, limp… lifeless.

    I ran over to the dead Surt-Lim and punched his body until I could no more and I yelled at him, “You mother fuc-. Rot!!! ROT FOREVER IN HELL YOU SICK F*CK!”

    That’s when I heard the most quiet moan wisp across my ears. I quickly turned my head to what once was Yukiru. And her small, blood-covered fingers moved so subtly, but it was just enough to rattle the chains that held her up. She was alive! I ran over to her and looked up at her helplessly. “Yu-Yukiru?” I called softly and I reached up to touch her bloody shin. Her eyes enveloped open into small slits and she spoke, “ZiZi?” My rage and hatred vanished as quickly as it came. “I’m here. I’m right here, Yukiru.” She didn’t respond that time. “I’m going to get you down so bear with me here,” I warned as I unfastened one of the handcuffs. Her wrists were chaffed almost to the bone her ankles were no different. I couldn’t breath as I watched her cry in pain as I let Yukiru’s limbs fall to her sides. I laid her down on her side so I could pull out the dozen rods from my beloved Yukiru. Each and every one was as agonizingly painful and slow as the last, if not more. Then, the dagger was left; I quickly removed my shirt and pulled the blade from her chest. She cried and pleaded for me to leave it in. And I found out why as soon as I removed it. The knife was serving as a sort of cork for Yukiru’s main blood supply to her heart. It pretty much stopped the blood form ejecting itself form Yukiru like a garden hose. But, that’s exactly what happened. My shirt was the only thing I could use as a crude tourniquet.

    “I love you,” I heard her coo silently.

    I couldn’t help but smile as a tear slipped out, “I love you too.” I bent down and kissed her chapped bloody lips. I held Yukiru in my arms and apologized and said I love you 48 I counted times, I counted, before exiting the cave with Yukiru.

    As I ran down the same long, dark hallway, I prayed that Sparks had passed out or gone to pee or something! I would hate for him to see Yukiru like this. Yet, there he was, eating a trout like nothing was wrong.

    “Hotaka!!” I screamed upon coming back out into the light. Hotaka gasped and I could see that he almost got sick from both Yukiru and the painfully pungent smell of her rotting blood. “C’mon, man! She needs our help!” I yelled as I set Yukiru down for Hotaka’s examination. After a brief study of her, Hotaka came to his gruesome conclusion; “Surt-Lim hammered 12 stainless-steel rods into all of Yukiru’s non-lethal pressure points around 192 hours ago. And then, apparently Yukiru didn’t die right after so Surt-Lim stabbed her in the chest with a 1907 colonial knife. It’s a damn miracle Yukiru isn’t dead.” I became outraged again, “You mean that Yukiru has been like this for eight f*cking days?!” The whole time I was wishing that she was ok; she was that farthest thing from it. Hotaka nodded painfully.

    I felt something brush against my arm; it was Yukiru’s pinky. I twirled my pinky around hers. I turned my whole body around so no one could see me cry, they all knew it though. They just did. I looked back at Hotaka, “Is there anything we can do? What are her chances?”

    “She’s got about a 5 percent as of right now. The most we can do is make some ointment for her infected wounds and hope for the best,” Hotaka responded so Sparks couldn’t hear.

    Just hang in there…please!?!

    End of Act IX