• Leeteuk walked out of his apartment feeling happy and alive. As he walked down the pavement he kept looking at the ring he just bought a week ago after he got his bonus. As he kept admiring the ring, he realized something. He had to give her something else also.

    He walked around and spotted a flower shop. He walked into the shop and saw so many flowers to pick from.

    "May i help you?" A sales girl asked.

    "Yeah. I want to buy some flowers but I can't seem to pick which one." Leeteuk told her.

    "Well, what's the event?" She asked Leeteuk sweetly.

    "I'm going to propose to my girlfriend." Leeteuk said as he face shone.

    "I think I know just the right flowers for you." She said.

    "Wait a moment. I'll be back." She said as she went into the shop.

    Leeteuk waited while he looked at the flowers there. Just then, the girl came back with a big bouquet of blue roses.

    "This are it." She said.

    Leeteuk stared at the roses for a moment before smiling.

    "I'll take them." Leeteuk said.

    "How many would you like?" She asked.

    "Give me 20." He said.

    "Alright and which wrapper and ribbon would you like?" She asked as she displayed a few choices to Leeteuk.

    "I'll take those wrappers and that white ribbon. Thanks." He answered her.

    She nodded her head and quickly got to work in wrapping the bouquet of flowers.

    After she was done, Leeteuk paid for it and left the shop. When he left, he called up his girlfriend.


    Leeteuk: Hello? Ju Min?

    Ju Min: Oh, Leeteuk.

    Leeteuk: Hey, can we meet up? I need to talk to you.

    Ju Min: Oh, umm... wait a sec alright?

    Leeteuk: Okay.

    Leeteuk waited for her with his phone still stuck next to his ear. While he rested on a bench nearby, he saw something unexpected. Tears brimmed in his eyes.

    Ju Min: Leeteuk? Leeteuk?

    Leeteuk: Huh? yeah..

    Ju Min: What's wrong?

    Leeteuk: Nothing. So, can we meet?

    Ju Min: Sure. Where do you want to meet?

    Leeteuk: At the park where we first met each other.

    Ju Min: Oh, okay.


    Leeteuk closed his phone and wiped his tears. He stood up and started walking towards the park. Tears fell mercilessly. Tears started to stain the roses. Leeteuk didn't seem to mind and just kept walking even though he felt like he didn't know where he was heading.

    After a moment, he seemed to have reach the park somehow. He walked towards the bench under a big tree where he first met Ju Min. He sat there as those scenes replayed in his mind.

    "Leeteuk?" A voice later brought him back to reality.

    He looked up to see Ju Min standing in front of him.

    "Why did you want to see me?" She asked taking a seat next to Leeteuk.

    "Where were you before you came here?" Leeteuk asked.

    "Home of course." She answered.

    Leeteuk suddenly gave out a chuckle.

    "You know, the funniest thing was that I saw someone just like you at the streets moments ago with this guy. They were holding hands while the girl leaned at the guy so lovingly." Leeteuk told his story as another chuckle escaped his mouth.

    "Looks like I was wrong huh?" He asked her as he looked at her with tears brimming in his eyes.

    Ju Min had a guilty look in her eye.

    "I was wrong right Ju Min?" Leeteuk asked her as the tears fall.

    "Leeteuk." She said.

    "NO! Don't tell me anything!" Leeteuk said standing up as he couldn't handle it anymore.

    Ju Min became horrified and looked at Leeteuk. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

    "Here." He said taking out a velvet box from his pocket and tossed it to her lap.

    "Enjoy it. And here's a package that comes with it." Leeteuk said to her and tossed the bouquet next to her.

    He took a few steps backwards and walked away leaving her there alone. Ju Min was tounge tied. She looked down at the velvet box and picked it up. She opened it slowly to reveal something unexpected.

    Tears fell as she looked at the ring. She took it out and saw something engraved at the inside of the ring. They were Teukie<3Minnie. The engraved words made her tear more.

    She slipped in the ring and placed her hand near her chest. Then, she looked to her side to see the roses lying on the bench just like that. She picked it up and looked at it.

    As she looked at the roses, a card fell from in between the roses. She picked it up and started to read the content silently to her heart.


    Ju Min! I love you do you know that?!! I love you so much. You will be suprised with what I'm gonna say to you. I've been thinking about this lately. I think it is time that our 3 years relationship turn into an eternity. I would really like to live my entire life that's left with just you. You're my one and only one. I love you Ju Min!

    Tears fell as she felt regretful. She was so stupid to let their relationship go a waste. But it was too late. She had made her biggest mistake ever. The ring and bouquet of flowers was his final gift to her.

    She stood up and started to walk away from that place with tears falling.

    "I'm sorry and I will always regret my actions till the day I die Leeteuk. I'm so sorry. I'm a stupid girl. I'm sorry." Ju Min whispered in her heart.

    Ju Min even promised herself that she would never go to that place ever again as it would remind her about how she had hurt Leeteuk so badly.