• We soon reached the alley and as soon as we did I ripped my hand out of his and glared. He was still smiling, his shaggy blackish copper hair hanging in his face over his mystical glowing eyes. The moon was full, and reflected brightly against both of us, giving us a shimmering glow that you'd never get tired of. But unfortunately juust walking into the alley wasn't that simple, for he took a step towards me, his body towering about a foot over mine. I stared back at him and back up.
    He smirked and kept moving in. As he kept moving forward, I kept moving backwards and curved around and bumped into the wall. Starled for a second, I jumped. One arm rested a little but to my side, the other near my head.
    I didn't know what he was doing, moving in on me like this, but I didn't want to find out either, so I rushed past him and hid behind the dumpster. Big whoop, he Never would find me Here. Pssh, I'm such the idiot.
    "Helllooo." A scratchy, sleek voice slurred. I stood up and faced my back at the wall and growled infront of me at him. Garth sneered at me, "Are you trying to act tough?" He asked me in a haughty tone.
    My eyes widened for a second. A deep growl emitted from his throat and he snarled, baring his razor sharp fangs. And for some reason, I gulped.
    He leaned in towards me, his nose resting against mine. I breathed in deep and looked into his glistening eyes. His aroma was refreshing, like walking into a garden of roses. I know that would sound weird but that is the only way I could describe it other than intoxicating.
    "What," he asked in a mocking tone. "you scared?" I snarled back and shoved him backwards with all my strength, sending him flying into the wall. Nuh-uh, he wasn't gonna mock me without a fight, at the least do anything.
    Clearing his throat I watched him rub his stomach a second before suddenly appearing to my left. I didn't even see him move! Pushing me against the cold, rusty dumpster, he slammed me, causing me and the dumpster to groan.
    I cocked my head slightly and charged at him, beginning a fight.
    Eventually it got the point where we were huffing and puffing, our energy was quickly drained since we had about the same strength surprisingly.
    I gulped for air and as I exhaled I quickly let out a comment mainly for myself, "When is this gonna end?!" Putting my hands on my knees, I let myself rest for a second, knowing he wouldn't strike while I was taking in a couple breaths. But was I wrong. A searing pain ran through mu gut and I came to notice his fist slowly pulling away.
    Adrenaline serged through me as I came to a new goal: hit him harder.
    Pushing myself up, I quickly, but barely, dodged his next move and planted a punch on his jaw. Blood tricked down the corner of his mouth and I felt my pupils grow wide. Moving in on him, we backed up a few inches.
    A fist flew to meet my face, and he leaned in for extra foce. Smirkinf I began to move to the side, bu my foot caught on his and we fell. And as we fell his fangs pierced my neck. My eyes fluttered, a stuttering sigh escaped my lips and my body fell limp. A sensation ran through me, numbness. I felt limp.
    Sighing, I stared up and him with am emotionless expression. His eyes were hungry, and his smile grew into a sly grin as he bent down to my ear.
    "You know, whenever a vampire drinks from another, they get stronger? The blood mixes and creates a new source of energy that can't be taken away.."
    I just looked up at him as I thought, 'whatever'. My neck burned but it felt like it was on fire.
    He bent down and drank from me, I could feel my own strength being sucked out slowly. As dark crimson blood dribbled down my neck he licked it up and any others that escaped his mouth. Grunting in satisfaction, he lifted his head and sat on his knees. My eyes felt sorta droopy and blood kept on flowing out the small hole in my neck.
    Garth was looking at the wall and sighed when he saw the blood that flowed and flowed. He shook his head and took off his shrit, forcing me to blush slightly. But thankingfully it was nighttime so he couldn't see. He bundled up the shirt into a ball and pressed it against the hole. My expression changed to a dumbfounded blank stare. I couldn't help it! He started to laugh and checked the mark.
    "Okay, it's almost stoppi-" Baring my fangs I narrowed my eyes and pushed him up and backwards, hoping to make him tumble backwards. But instead of just Him tumbling backwards, he grabbed onto my wrists and pulled me with him, mumbling with a small smile, "Nice recovery." I pused my lips. Anyways, we both tumbled back, rolling over each other, and finally stopping with him on top of me. I rolled my eyes with discomfort hidden behind them. He chuckled softly and bent down to my neck. I kicked him up and flipped us around, he landed and my head dipped down and ever so lightly, I brushed my lips over his, creating a kiss. It wasn't much of one, but it still counted.
    And we were moving quickly, so as I did so, no one would notice. But before our heads knocked together as I fell, I pushed against his hands and leapt up ino the air.
    As I flew back I couldn't help but notice his widened eyes and the curve if his lips turining into a smile.