• ~Chapter 8

    As soon as he said that I ran to our room to wake Leah up. "Hey sleepyhead! Wake up!" I hollered. I'm not even sure she heard me cause she didn't budge. "Ugh, how long can someone sleep." I muttered to myself. I decided the easiest way to wake someone up is to dump cold water on them. So I grabbed a cup filled with water and threw it on her head. Strangly it looked like she enjoyed that cause she smiled when she felt the water.

    She did wake up though. "What do you want Kev." she mumbled sounding sleepy. "Ren's gonna tell us the truth about us." I said excited. "Really?" she asked getting more awake. "Yup, so hurry up and get dressed!" I replied. It was weird even though I just met her yesterday I feel like I've always known her as my twin.

    I head back to the living room to where Ren was. "She's coming." I told him. After a couple of minutes Leah came and joined us. "Ok looks like we're all here." Ren said. "So what do you guys want to know first? I'll start from there." "Why did we get sent to a different world." I asked saying the first question that popped in my head. "To protect you from them." he replied. Seeing the confused looks on our faces he said "Ok I'll start from the beginning. Long ago when our world was created there was a terrible war against the four great gods and the demon lord. Our ancestors knew sorcery at that time and helped the gods win. In thanks our ancestors made a contract with the four great gods: Suijin (the God of Water), Fuujin (God of Wind), Chijin (God of Earth), and Kajin (God of Fire). The contract was that every other generation would have decendents from the gods depending on how many children are born. The decendents would be called contractors. The real reason for this contract was incase the demon lord ever rose again but also to protect the decendents. When the contract was sealed a prophecy have been made. The prophecy said this:

    Long after the war is done, the demon lord will rise again. During this time, a pair of twins will be born. They will be opposites, one with the power of the sun and the other with the power of the moon. These twins will either destroy our world or save it. There will be a time where they have to make a tough decision that'll gain something and lose something. This decision will decide the fate of our world.

    So when we found out mom had twins we became afraid. We knew the demon lord has risen again and would come back. We also knew that he would be after you two but we didn't think it would be right after you were born. He sent a demon to come get you but mom sent you to a different world before he could. Now I'm here to bring you back and to train you."