• tab One day at school, Josh walked by his locker, when Candy and her friends pointed at him and giggled. All of Josh's friends noticed it, and said that she had had a crush on him for almost a month. Josh's secret was that he liked Candy, too. Josh wouldn't dare to tell his friends, in case they thought he was stupid.
    tab Over the days, Josh thought more and more that Candy must like him. He couldn't be so sure though, because rumors went around all the time. (There had just recently been a rumor going around about his best friend, Mitchel. Mitchel had supposedly had a crush on Josh. Both the boys were embarassed about the situation). Josh couldn't help remembering that rumor, and did not want to risk his reputation by asking out a girl that thought nothing of him. He figured he would wait another week or two to do anything.
    tab Two weeks later, he looked in his desk, and found a note saying, "Wanna go out sometime?" in his desk. He thought that it had to be from Candy. He set up for Mitchel to get a sample of Candy's handwriting, to make sure they matched. When Mitchel finally returned, Josh compared the two notes. They definately matched. Now it was time for Josh to make his move.
    tab It was a sunny afternoon when Josh decided to talk to Candy. He asked her if she wanted to go out sometime, and she said that they should just be friends. Josh told Candy that he was so sure that she liked him, and that hewas confused about the whole situation.
    tab Candy replied, "What are you talking about? What signs did I give you that showed I have a crush on you?"
    tab "Well, first, you were pointing and giggling at me in the hallway, then my friends told me you liked me, then you left that note in my desk. How does that not show any feelings?"
    tab Candy started laughing and said, "You thought we were giggling at you? We were giggling at the huge banner on the wall that said 'Buy food-It's good'! The banner must have been behind you. It was an advertisement for the school picnic!"
    tab Josh still didn't understand his friends statements, and the note in his desk; so he asked, "What about my friends telling me that you had a crush on me, and the note that you left for me?" He also told her about his friends checking the handwriting of the note left in his desk, and the note that Mitchel retrieved from her.
    tab Candy had a puzzled look on her face, then it changed to a smile. "I think I know what happened! There's a girl named Brandy that has a huge crush on you! You must have misheard them! But why would you think I left a note in you desk? Your friends must have misheard you that time, and still thought you meant Brandy!"
    tab Josh was completely clear now. He was a little sad, but thought that maybe Brandy was a nice girl, too. He told Candy he was sorry about the mistake, and asked if they could still be friends. Candy said that she was sorry about the incident, too, and that she would be glad to be friends. Josh started looking into meeting Brandy.
    tab The next day, he snuck into the same class that Brandy had, and started looking for her. He had never seen her before, but Candy gave him a descrpition of her. He was going through the list of descriptions from Candy in his head, "Black hair, a lot of eye-liner, black boots, probably dark clothes, dark red lipstick..." That was when it hit him. Brandy was the school nerd, that tried to act gothic. He couldn't believe it! The girl that had a crush on him was the girl that Josh had hated ever since 5th grade!
    tab Josh snuck right back out of the class, and decided to just skip that period, and think of what to do. Brandy was a girl that he hated so much! What could he do about her liking him? He thought about it for a reason, and asked himself, "What do I hate about her? The way she dresses? The way she acts?" He didn't even know what he hated about her. He didn't really like her clothes, and the way she tried to be gothic, but maybe he could change that. She might just be lonely, and want someone to love. Josh decided to give Brandy a chance.
    tab The next day, he asked Brandy to go out with him. She gladly excepted, and they were a new couple. Josh was happy with his new relationship, and was glad that he got to keep Candy as a friend.
    tab Over the next few weeks, Brandy started to change. She started to dress and act nicer, and she became much more popular. Brandy just needed someone to love, and to be her friend.