• "I cant believe it!" he yelled out.
    We stopped right in front of the door that led to the outside.
    "ive just now realized it!"
    I scratched my head, I have absolutely no idea what hes talking about.
    "okay, I dont care anymore! Lets just make a run for it. Theres a bunch of trees up ahead so when I open the door thats where we'll go, okay?"
    "yes" I replied.
    "alrighty then!" he grabbed the door handle, waited a little bit, then opened it real fast.
    The suns ray was so bright that it blinded me. I just stood there with my right hand cupped over my eyes.
    "what are you doing? Are you nuts?!" he squeezed my left hand and pulled me forward "lets go!"
    We ran into the bundle of trees, unseen by anyone. The trunks grew thicker and taller the further we went in. I kept tripping on the roots. I fell down as a little orange creature with a long fluffy tail came rushing by. Roger laughed at me then started messing up my my hair. I pinched his cheeks, he looked like a real monkey!
    "blehh...enough of this!" He grabbed both my wrists then turned around and pulled me closer. He held my legs then stood up, my arms softly hugging his neck. "piggy back ride!" he yelled out.
    He continued the path with me on his back, jumping over roots and rocks, following little creatures, and spinning around open areas. I was smiling and laughing the whole time. This feeling, this happy feeling! I never felt it this way before, its so exciting! I pressed my cheek against the back of his neck.
    I feel like a human.
    "oh Roger, there you are! Ive thought youve been kidnapped! Where have you been the past three days?" a womans voice cried out from far behind.
    My arms trembled. Someones here, they can see me.
    "oh uh...hi mom!" Roger said, without turning around.
    "What do we do?" I whispered in his ear.
    "Roger dear, who is that girl your carrying on your back?"
    "I um..well shes umm..."
    "Shes so pretty! Such long light brown hair and her skins so light, looks like a really healthy girl. Oh but her clothe, its so raggy.."
    Roger literally stood stiff. I mean, once he heard what his mother said he was completely still and quiet. I was too, a little, because she said I had light brown hair! My hairs white, not brown, and my horns, she didnt even notice my horns. Roger bent down and let go of my legs. I stood there staring at him slowly turning around to face me. I bit my lip. Once he saw me he gasped really loud then stated smiling. He held out his arms and touched my hair.
    "its brown...it really is light brown! Oh man oh man..." he held out a strand of hair to let me look at it.
    "wha..." I touched it, brown. Why in the world is my hair brown?!
    "Rogerrr! Who is that little girl? Ive never seen her in this village before" his mother ran to us.
    "ah-" I tried hiding behind Roger but he wouldnt l let me.
    Once she caught a good glimpse of me she stopped running. "my...this child...shes so cute! Her eyes are so beautiful, so green and shiny, like an emerald" she slowly walked up to me and placed her hands on my cheek "so soft....who is this child, Roger?"
    Once she took her hand away, I quickly turned and hid behind Roger, clutching his jacket.
    "shes....shes um..." he coughed "her names Anysa"
    "oh Anysa...such a wonderful name for such a cute child! Youve been playing with her the past days huh?"
    "she looks really fond of you, you two must be real close. So who are her parents?"
    "uh..her parents are uh..." he scratched his head, thinking about what to say "she got lost three days ago and thats when I found her huddled up against this tree. Ive been with her ever since"
    "really? Wow thats amazing!" she leaned over to her side so she could see me "hey hun, want to look for your parents?"
    I squeezed Rogers jacket even tighter and turned him so that hes blocking his mom from seeing me.
    She laughed "how adorable! Come, let us all go back to the house and eat. You must be really hungry, right?"
    "yeah! Lets go!" Roger yelled out.
    We started walking back but we were a long way from the village. Once his mom was a good distance away, I whispered "Why didnt she threaten me once she saw me?"
    Roger laughed then whispered back to me "your hair is light brown, your eyes are green, you have no horns, no fangs, you look like a real human"

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