It was a calm, peaceful day. A great time for a boat ride! I was going to Rhode Island; it was a great change from the city. My dad taught me how to drive a boat right after I got a drivers license.
    “Have a good time, and be careful, dear!” mom called, waving as my boat gently floated away from the dock. I started up the engine, and it gave a steady hum.
    Keep writing while you’re there!” yelled dad, also waving. Mom and dad came to see me off, as well as my two best friends, Jack and Emily.
    “Bring back lots of souvenirs!” Jack exclaimed happily. He was a pack-rat, and loved souvenirs and collectables.
    “And maybe a seashell or two?” Emily asked hopefully. I nodded. I knew she adored seashells, and loved collecting them. She had tons! She had books on seashells, too.
    “Sure.” I shouted. I was slowly driving away, looking over my shoulder.
    “Remember what they said in the news. It may thunderstorm!” said mom in a warning tone. I sighed. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. But the idea of a thunderstorm from nowhere was ludicrous!
    “I know, I know.” I drove off while they waved the motor drowning out whatever they were shouting. I thought I heard someone say “- If Flora never came back-” but that was it.
    I zoomed out onto the sea, the salty wind through my red-brown hair. I laughed and did a figure-eight. With New York out of sight, I did loops and turns and drove in circles everywhere. Then I looked at the sky. My almost idiotic joy turned into dread. There were large, dark, scary clouds looming overhead, blocking out sunlight. I looked at my watch, it read 4: 30PM, I left at 3:40PM. Then I looked at the fuel gauge. My stomach did a flip and I felt like someone was squeezing my insides. It was three fourths empty. I was scared. It was supposed to be a three hour drive if you go straight, and here I was, fooling around, for fifty minutes with no fuel, in the middle of a storm!