• When we entered the mansion all I saw at first was a dark grey gloom at first but once the lights suddenly flicked on everything changed. It was like a shimmering dream. The floors were a sparkly pearl, with a spiral staircase one the left and right sides. There wasn't much else there besides a neat little rug with a few shoes on it and one of those old stand up coat hanger that was made of dark wood.

    "Master, Your home! Welcome back!" Came a little voice. It reminded me of tinkling bells. I looked up and there was a small girl at the banister at the top of the staircase. She quickly came running down and came to a stop a few feet from us. She was wearing a white, short sleeved collar shirt with a lacy cream vest, and a flowing cream skirt to match. Her mousy brown hair and green eyes complemented her face very well. All round I think she could be mistaken as a kid. She couldn't be any older than me! 16...17 tops! "Oh I wasn't aware you'd have a guest with you!" She exclaimed. Well that makes two of us, now doesn't it? "I'll prepare a room right away! Come on!" She smiled, grabbing my hand. She started pulling me up the stairway and down the hall. Without any shoes on I was slipping and sliding all over this waxed floor. She made a very sudden left turn and as I felt myself fall back and my feet slid from underneath me, I though, my luck just really sucks doesn't it? After that all I recall was darkness.