• tab As they are still in the room with blood scratch marks on the walls.sudenly sally wakes up. as she is waking up she taps alice in the back and tells her to wake up. "wha..wha..what happend" alice said. "well all i remember is my parent telling us to run and thats all i can remember" sally said. me to. "so why did you leave your parents"?."O my gosh didnt i tell you already" alice said. yes but i can tell your lieing. "ok i was so here what happend i was just at school like a normal teenage girl and i went to p.e and me and a coulpel of friends went in the girls locker room where no one was there and we told this girl named jakiee to meet us at the locker so she came and i was going to tell her something and one of my best best friends had a knife and just just.... stabed her on her heart and i was like why did u do that for she said "because she was mean to me last summer and embbarsed me at my own party" and then the police came running in to the lockers and they thought it was me i tryed to tell them it wasnt true but they thought it was me and they where going to send me to juvi so i just left my parents and then they kept looking for me and thats my storie" alice said.
    Then sally remembers seeing her face on tv saying KILLER ON THE LOOSE!."So you where supposed to go to juvi but you ran away right" sally said.Yes.Then sally says "get away from me leave me alone" sally said. "What did i do to you" alice said."Your a killer and i dont thikn i should be with a killer you mite kill me" sally said."Well think dont you think i woudve killed you already" alice said."O ya huh but still i wont trust you" sally said. "Well ok then we have to get out ove here now before they kill us or something" alice said."Well ok but how can we get out of here" sally said ."Look! an air vent we can go throught the air vent and get out of this ugly place" alice said.
    As alice opens the air vet they walk through rooms and see other kids in rooms some wantting there mothers some got crazy others fainted.As they cral more closer to the light and see a room with lots of peopel that work with the unmasked they here them say lets bomb this town for they wont tell anyone else ok but how? we can put bombs around the area.And boom!
    2 be continued