• We ran. Our legs racing down the field, as the stomping of feet got louder and louder as we got tireder and tireder. The sky was getting darker, as like the world was giving up hope of surviving.
    Our town has been on the run since 1983, since the dark sorcerrer through a bomb curse to our town. The bomb would blow up a monster, a scary, ugly, horrible monster or in this case, a demon, that would chase our town until we would either die or surrender to that dark sorcerrer.
    We would be running, just like we were now, trying to get away.
    My sister Anna, my brother Jason, and me, Sammy, have survived every attack of what we call "It"'s. Our parents surrendered, but when they did, we ran away. The it didn't follow us because it was cornering our parents so they wouldn't get away. We were lucky.
    But now as we run, the next it was trying to corner us, so he could either eat us(Which Jason thought was the best) or surrender(Which Anna thought wouldn't be bad since we would be with our parents) to the dark sorrcer.
    Me, I didn't care as long as our town was safe. But I wasn't so sure. These it's have already killed 1/2 our town's population, and 1/4 of the last 1/2 surrendered. The last were on the run.
    The it was storming towards us, and our legs started to burn from running all the time. Anna was slowing down, and Jason and I couldn't let her do that. Since she was only 3 years old, Jason who was the oldest(15 years old) picked Anna up and started to run again. I was glad I did track during the summer and school otherwise I would be dead by now. I picked up the pace to catch up with Jason and Anna, but it was harder since the it was catching up too. We ran, ran, ran, and ran until we got to hte end of the field and now the sky was pitch black, but just light enough so you could see the dark sorrcer's tower in the distence.
    "Oh no! Cliff Sammy, cliff!" Anna screamed. She was right. Next was the cliff. The it was only a few yards behind us now.
    "What should we do?" Jason yelled "Jump." I screamed back.
    And without looking back, we all jumped down the 24 mile high cliff, jumping to our deathes. We were falling, and falling and then...