• Chapter 1: Azten
    The rain fell down in heavy drifts upon the small village of Azten, all the people in the village stayed warm in their homes except for one youth. He stood right at the edge of the forest like jungle that surrounded the place looking into it.
    He looked about 16 or 17, but with a sharp serious face. His eyes blazed crimson in the dark and he had a tired look about him. He was 5’11’’ with a toned, athletic build. His skin was darkly tanned naturally and due to exposure to the sun. His long dark brown hair dripped wet and clung to his face and clothes.
    He gazed at the darkness transfixed until a voice called him, “Renaldi, you should come back in, if you stay in the rain you may become ill.”
    The voice belonged to the village leader, who looked very young in age, almost younger than the other, but his clothes and posture betrayed that he was not. He was small and exceedingly thin, his skin was very faire and papery thin. His head was topped with a dark brown bowler and faded blond curls poked out. His paled blue eyes gazed past where Renaldi was standing unable to see anything.
    “I could say the same for you, Marishka”, the other said walking over to him and shielding him from the rain with his long coat.
    He kept gazing forward at nothing, “What were you looking for?”
    Renaldi sighed, “Nothing, just spacing I thought I might remember something.”
    “You will, just be patient”, the other said walking blindly back towards the village homes with Renaldi leading him.
    Renaldi walked up to the stairs on the side of the large cliff where all the houses were attached into, going up to one of the doors of the larges building pushing it open. Inside was a large well lit room, with a fire going and dining tables lined in the middle. Renaldi lead him to a seat and took one himself beside him. He wrung his hair and the other removed his hat running his fingers through his hair. “This is very strange weather don’t you think, since it winter. It is usually just cold and dry.”
    “Doesn’t that mean tragedy is to come”, Renaldi looked the others way.
    “It’s much too soon to tell, but yes, usually”, he looked off in deep thought.
    Renaldi stared through the rattling front window the showed the rain outside, “How come every time it rains, I think of death”, he thought to himself with a sigh.