• My pendant shimmered as I held it in front on the sun. I noticed some students staring as the marvelous rainbow color reflecting on my face. My pendant is the most important thing to me. It’s the only thing I have left to help me remember my mother.
    Five years ago my house caught on my fire. I was only eight and scared to death. I can remember the fierce flames burning my home to the ground. It was as if my house went from a loving home, to hell itself. I was in the family room doing my homework and my mother was helping me. My mother smelled smoke so she went to the kitchen to see what was going on. I waited for her but I had started to get impatient. I walked in the kitchen and there was a terrifying fire. My mother wasn’t in the kitchen. She went to the utility room to find the fire extinguisher. The fire was spreading like a wild fire. My mother came back in the room and the ceiling fell on her. I ran to her but she told me to take the pendant and get out. She said it would one day save my life. My house burned to the ground taking my mother and everything else with it. The pendant was all I had left.
    I have no family. The only family I ever had was my mother. The only time I ever asked my mother what had happened to my father all she said was, “He’s much happier now.” I have no aunts or uncles and both my grandparents died before I was born. I’m all alone in this world.
    I look nothing like my beautiful mother. She had straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. I have wavy, brown hair and green eyes that really stand out because of my pale skin. My eyes are color of grass or leaves during the middle of spring when everything’s in bloom. Most people say my eyes make me look like an angel. To me all it does is make me stand out and make people stare. My mother had always told me I was special, but I knew she was just saying that.
    I got up and dusted of my pants to go to biology. If I was late one more time Mr. Allen would never let me here the end of it.
    “Hey Skylar, wait on me!” I heard my best friend call out to me.
    “Hurry up Callie! I don’t want to be late again!” I responded with a grin on my face.
    Callie and I have been best friends since my mother died. It was three days after my mother’s funeral that we met. She saw my crying in the corner and took a book and slammed it on my head. I was shocked. When I turned around I saw her face. She was grinning from ear to ear and you could see the worried and caring expression in her face. I asked her to leave me alone but she followed me everywhere. I decided that sooner or later I would have to give in and did. She always makes me laugh.
    Callie looks like a supermodel with her long legs and heart-shaped face. Her eyes are a calming hazel-green color and her chin-length, sandy-blonde hair. She’s amazingly stunning.