• "Urghhh!" I mummbled to myself as I rolled out of my uncomfortable bed and slipped my uniform on. I quickly sprinted into the bathroom and groaned quitely as I found my aggitating little brother Max singing Dancing Queen in the bathroom holding MY brush. Also my little sister Libby was at the sink singing in her so called "pop star" voice whilst brushing her teeth. I squeezed past both of them, and somehow ended up in the bath, I chuckled and pushed myself up and shouted,
    "Right, Libby, Max if you don't get out of this bathroom RIGHT NOW then I'm going to have to be forced to use my friend the tickle monster to come and get you!" there was a little squeel of horror from Libby, I laughed darkly and they both ran out of the room screaming for there mum. Moving slowly, I stepped towards the sink with the mirror hanging loosely over the top, I soon finished my task ;brushing my teeth and my sliky black hair to.

    I skipped down the stairs and when I finally reached the bottom I wobbled unsteadily then suddenly I fell over one of Libby's stupid Barbie dolls, landing face downwards on a pile of clothes fresh and smelling of washing powder.
    "Mum, I like your new washing powder!" I giggled
    "Thanks, well thats the one I'm going to get from now on!" I left my weirdo mother to get on with her hobby; washing up and started getting ready for school. Every small bite of my breakfast I take the more the sounds of Libby and her annoying new toy became a back ground noise, everything became a small buzzing and soon I coulden't hear anything at all. I stared at all the pictures of the beach that surrounded the walls of my kitchen and started thinking about that planned beach trip that me and my friends were going to tommorow morning. Me and Rebecca who has just turned eighteen the youngest of the five are the ones who are going to be planning. I fetched the small sheet of A4 paper which were suppost to be the plans out of my bag and lay them on the kitchen table. We were going to go swimming as well as going to the arcades and last but not least go for a long walk/ride depending on how we feel down the pier.

    I glanced at the clock I had five minutes left to finish high lighting the places on the map that we would be going to. Seconds later Amy came down, my one year younger sister who always wants a lift! asks,
    "yeah, what do you want this time Amy, a lift again?"
    "What? Are you asking me if I want a ride, well your very genorous sis so yes thankyou!"
    "Urghhh, sometimes..." I grabbed my coat and raced out of the door waving goodbye to Libby as I did. Amy can't drive and dosen't want to as she can't be bothered (well, thats what she tells people but really I don't think she's smart enough!) I started the engine of my new shiny Megane and set of turning the heating on full, I ignored the rain that was covering the front window. As soon as we hit the parking lot of Rosehouse High school the smell of roast poataoes invaded my nostrils like an army of soldiers. Obviously Amy smelt this to as she was complaining about how we naver get enough potatoes for our dinner.