• As I left to walk down the dark, empty alley, I caught something in the corner of my eye. It had a silvey glow to it and was tall, really tall. I looked back to see it clearer, but as i turned it was in front of me, staring at me. When it was this close you can tell it was a boy. He was around sixteen, had metallic green eyes, short brown hair, and was around 5 foot 3, give or take some inches. He wore an grey sweat shirt with black jeans that had holes down near the knees. Oh my lord he is hot, I thought.
    " What's your name?", I asked, "how did you get here, next to me?"
    Next thing I know he vanished. I blinked a couple of times, thinking where he went. I shrugged it off, turned around, and was back to walking down that dark, empty alley.
    Well I am awake now thanks to my freakin' alarm clock. I got out of bed, grabbed my black skinny jeans along with my red long sleeve-shirt, and headed for the bathroom to take my daily shower and get ready for school. About three and a half hours later I was at school. It was in the middle of fourth period when the new kid came in. His head was low and he headed to Ms. Lowlander like he went here before. He whispered something in her ear, I couldn't hear with all the yelling around. Ms. Lowlander got up and quieted everyone so she could introduce him.
    "Class, this is Jeremy Witherheart, he came from Iceland with his family.", Ms. Lowlander paused," Jeremy, say hi to the class then you could sit any where there is an empty seat."
    That's when he looked up and there was these metallic green eyes. All I could do was stare in fascination. Where have I seen those eyes before, I asked my self. He already said hi and was heading towards me. I glanced next to me and, yep, there was an empty seat next to me. Great. He slipped into the seat and I glanced down to finish the worksheet on Energy Ms. lowlander handed out. Speaking of her, she called me right as Jeremy sat down. So I got up and walked towards her to see what she wanted this time. She asked me if I could help Jeremy with the work, my dumb self said sure. I walked back to my seat with dread because right now I have to help the new kid with work, and I can't stand new people.
    " Uhhm, I guess you need my help, do you?" I said, glad that my voice wasn't as shaky as I felt.
    " Yea, I don't get what it means by 'What comes from eath naturally, but we use it every day?' " He spoke with curiosity. Jeremy had a nice voice, I thought. You know, the ones with the kind of manish-but-not-there-yet voices. It was nice to here anyway. So rest of the day I would help him with his work and, during lunch, he asked me if I could go to his house to help him study and get up to the lessons. It sounded suspicious to me, with us just meeting today and all, but I agreed.
    I came home that evening and told mom I had to go help help the new kid, she shrugged and left to start dinner. I grabbed the keys to my car and left the house. The directions were a little off but after awhile I was there, at his house. Jeremy's house was lovely, but unusual. On the outside, the windows looked dark and dusted with cobwebs, the doors were like a rustic red that look like it needed a fresh coat of paint, and the paint of the house it self was a faded pink, almost salmon pink. The inside was completely different from what I have ever seen. The rooms were an cinannom red and the ceiling was the perfect shade of white. He had an classic cherry wood piano in the foyer and a black laced with white vertical stripes lazyboy sofa along with a love seat and recliner. Dang he has everything, I thought.
    "Okay, why don't we start with the chemical bonds of the atoms in elements, thats as far as last week." I stated as I looked around his placed. He didn't say any thing, no blink, no nod, just a stare. It became uncomfortable so I went to his diningroom table and sat down. I started to pullout the notes I took on it so he could have something to refer to, but he keep staring at me. It was starting to get annoying, so I whisked around to confront him, but as I turned around he was about two inches apart from. How di he get here so fast, I said as I stared into his metallic bue eyes. It was like I was falling in those eyes. He bends over me and whispered something into my ear and, out of the blue, I saw black closing in around me. But before it consumed me completely, I felt this stabing pain in my neck, like someone was biting me.
    I woke up with this dizzyness surrounding my mind. I tried to sit up to look around but as I tried to, it was spinning and spinning so I gave up and layed on the floor until it stopped. After what seemed a couple of hours, it finally stopped and I finally got to looked around. It was a meek, dark room that had a smell, like musk and dirty water mixed together. A bad smell. It also was tiny with boarded up windows that let little light in. A few peices of funitures, a chest, a bed, and something that looked like a pedistool.
    "There has to be a door somewhere." I spoke out loud as I hopped up and felt my way around. On my third trip I found it, located behind the chest. I moved the chest, it weighed like a ton, and walked out of the room. I was in the house still, as far as I could tell. So I went to find Jeremy. He wa in his room facing the window.
    " So you found your way out, did you now?" He asked with wickedness glowing into his eyes and smile. I was startled and shocked so I ended up taking a step back. He finally turned toward me and his smiled cracked open and you could see the white, shiny long canine teeth, longer than a normal humans was. I thought for awhile about excuses for why he had them and his mysterious ways but it kept coming back to the only on that can't be true.
    " Ar-ar-are y-you a ...vampire?" I asked shaking with denial, hoping I was mistakened by it. All he did was threw his head back and laughed.
    " We have a smart one here now, very rare to come by now and days," was all he replied. I glared at him. I'm not that retarded thank you, I smirked in my mind. I'm also not that special...hmm.
    " Why did you spare me? God, who in the right mind would spare me. All I am is an freakin' nerd who gets hated on because I have good grades. So why?" I chanted. Weird I usually would freak out but I feel ... calm.
    " Well, to begin with, your are special." He started. I was shaking my head laughing. " Well you are. You are the Head Spirit. The most important vampire in the universe! And I found you. Yes, I did. I didn't know until I bit into you, but uhhmm... sorry about that." Jeremy kept ranting off. I was lost in my thought bubble.
    "Me, a vampire. No it can't be. How?!" I kept trying to find a way to prove that I wasn't. That was a mistake. Jeremy walked to me, put his hands on my waist and stood there.
    " I'll prove it for you.", he spooke with sincerity. The next thing I knew he kissed me and he some how projected his voice in my head. The next thing I knew I was seeing flash backs of me, but in different periods and times along with different, elegent gowns. Who knew that was me, I thought. He did though, no he KNEW what I was. I stared to skae over with fear and dread. I moved back ending the kiss, and the magic that it brought.
    " No, that can't be me. You must have me confused with some one else." But we both knew who I was really. I didn't want it to be true, but it is. He knew it though, I'll give him that. Why though? Why do I not want this to happen to me? I usually did, but why not now.
    "Hey, not to be rude but I have to get home. I'm going to leave if thats all right with you. My aunt is going to be pissed if I don't get home now." With that I turned around, grabbed my backpack, and headed for the front door.
    God! Why does my head hurt so bad?, I thought while trying to sit up in my bed. Today was Saturday and in three o'clock in the morning, and my head hurts. What did I do last night? As I thought that, the memories came back of last night. Oh my lord! Was he what I really thought he was? No, no he c an't be, those are just myths and stories, right?
    As I thought about it I checkd my alarm clock and it was... 7 o'clock!!!! Damn it I'm late for school! As I rushed through my shower, I was thinking about Jeremy. I finally reached my school before the late bell rang, thanks to my mom and her crazy a** driving.
    So I'm in class, but as I looked around I couldn't find Jeremy. Even at lunch.
    Huh, he must be sick today or something, I thought. After a long day of school, I came home and went straight to the fridge. I went through it to find some decent food to snack on when I heard a soft thud. I figured it was my lovely, gray and white cat, Bella jumping down from some where to come and swirl around my feet. As I waited the cat didn't came, or in fact, didnt even make a sound. I started to look around the room, slowly. I didn't bother turning on the lights, so it was dark. I didn't see or felt anything out of order so I went in to the living room to turn the lights on, also to see what that noise was. As I walked over to were the light was I tripped over something. I felt around and where i fell. I started to feel something so I slowly and lightly traced over it.
    " Jeremy! Why are u in here. You know you could of came around the back."
    " Uh, yeah, sorry I left something behind the other day and didn't want to make a big fuss over it. Sorry."
    "Uh-huh," I was wondering what he had to get back. Was it so important that he had to break in through the front door to get?, " so what is it that you were dying to get back?"
    " Well I, um, forgot the notes in your room, from biology. Plus the door wasnt lock so i figured come in." he said. He scanned me from head to toe, slowly watching every part of my body.