• Eternal Faith

    Once upon a time, there was a bright young man by the name of Kay. Kay grew up around very religious parents, who constantly taught him about the Bible. Now, Kay was extremely intelligent and charming, with the ability to sway other's opinions, and a strong sense of belief in what he saw as right. However, one of Kay's favorite sections of the Bible was the Book of Revelation, which dealt with the armageddon.
    Kay was fascinated with this topic, and never lost this fascination as he grew up. You see, Kay believed that he was destined for great things, and he was determined that he would be known throughout the world, for as long as humans lived. He also believed that humankind was not meant to die, not meant to be forgotten. He believed that they were destined to forever go on, never stopped in their existence.
    As Kay grew older, he realized that the world was rotting, degenerating into a state in which it might finally come to an end. He looked around him and saw the corruption caused by humans and their sins. As he was starting to truly question his former beliefs, he came to a revelation of his own. If some of mankind was responsible for their downfall, then the only way to stop it was to eliminate them. To this end, Kay took a vow: That he would do all in his power to eliminate the intolerables of mankind, that he would become the angel of death itself.
    As Kay went through college, he found many who sympathised with his cause, and he used this to it's fullest effect. He established these people as their own personal group, dedicated to the salvation of mankind. He taught them how to use personality, propaganda, and the tools of politics to further their goals. By the time they had completed college, their lives had been laied out ahead of them.
    After graduating college, Kay's followers immediately set to their work, fanning out to the most powerful countries, and garnering for leadership there. Some were extremely successful, others failed miserably, yet in the end, Kay was there to pull the strings as needed. Under his command, the group gained the total trust of millions who also thought like them, or who they swayed using Kay's teachings and abilities. When all was said and done, Kay was left with all the power he needed.
    After gaining complete power, the group set about to eliminating all of those seen as threats. Factory owners, gangsters, mafia bosses, any who in some way contributed to the planet's degeneration. Within years, Kay had finally created what seemed to be a utopia, but was held together by hate and fear.
    As time wore on, Kay had forgotten about Revelation. It had been banished from his mind in the process of establishing the utopia he sought after. Yet, many years after his perfect world was created, the time of judgement fell upon the world. Kay was not sad, nor was he joyful. He only felt an intense rage, furious at the fact that what he had worked so hard to establish, that the infinite survival that he had sought for man was to be destroyed.
    Kay attempted the foolish: He tried to battle God. When God came down from heaven, Kay rushed to meet him with an army consisting of billions of men, gathered from a ll corners of the world. Kay forced them onward against the army of angels that had also come down from heaven, pushed forward until he was face to face with God.
    There, he fought with nothing but his gun and the strength of his convictions and beliefs. His faith in his way was so powerful, that he held his own for hours, battling against the very thing which had created him and the world he loved so much. Yet in the end, God triumphed, and sealed Kay within the confines of an eternal prison, forcing him to forever suffer punishments worse than the most horrible seen in Hell.
    But Kay survived. His spirit was not broken, and though his body suffered in eternal agony, his faith prevailed. It remained to wait for the day upon which he woulde escape, and recreate his perfect world, no matter what the cost.