• You know that one of us are going to die hear. Mavrick said as he took anther swipe at Shannen. Yes but it will be you. she shouted pack. The battle went on for hours. Why? Mavrick asked in a huff. Why what? Why did you send me that note. You must have known how I fell about you.He shouted. I never sent you a letter... Shannen fell to the ground, an arrow in her back. Mavrick ran over to her and cradled her in his arms. Out of the shadows came Seth. I told her to stay away from you. Seth said. Mavrick poled the arrow out of her back, and lade her on the ground. You killed her. Mavrick snarled. Yes I did. Seth admitted. Mavrick stud up. His beautiful snow wight wings were soiled in her blood. His eyes turned red and his angle wings became sharp and turned to steel like the wings of an angle of death. His skin turned black and small star like spots doted his body. You killed her, now I'm going to kill you. Mavrick said in a voice that echoed throw the night in such a way it would make a banshee cry seam happy..

    to be continued