• I walked off the airplane quietly,and slowly. I walked to the bench,where two other people were sitting. I looked around. Then I saw it. My cousin Bella's old beat up truck. I smiled,as she started to run,and then tripped. I ran over to her,laughing.
    "Hey,Bella!Are you all right?"I asked,helping her up.
    "As good as a human can get."She replied,jokingly. We both laughed,as I followed her to her car. We got in,and drove to Uncle Charlie's house. Well,I guess I couldn't really call him my uncle. Bella was something like,my 10th cousin. I didn't really know. Bella talked to me about her boyfriend,Edward. She had sent me a picture,of him,and her. He was stunning,gorgeous,beautiful....
    There was a lot of words,that could be used to describe his beauty. I got out of the car,and walked up to the front door,Bella was leading me. rain water dripped onto my black T-shirt. I walked in behind her,into the heared house. It was nice,and cozy compared to outside. I greeted Uncle Charlie,and sat down on the couch,beside Bella.
    "So,Sarah,"Uncle Charlie started." I'm sorry about your loss,it was very tragic." I nodded,and looked down,as a tear started forming. I felt a hand on my shoulder,and looked up. Bella was looking at me,her face sympethitec. I blushed,and looked back down.
    "Let me show you,your new room,Sarah." Bella said,her voice soft,as she took my hand and lead me up the stairs. She led me into a dark green room. I looked around.
    " Thanks again,for letting me stay here. This is such a beautiful room." I said,my frown,turning into a smile.
    "Anytime,Sarah. It kinda sucks,since you just need to finish up the last month of semesters,it's really easy,so don't worry." Bella said,sitting down on the bed.
    " I hope,I haven't studied much,with the accident and all." I said,holding in my tears this time.
    " Say,if you want to go out later,me,and Edward's sisters,are gonna go shopping,later."
    "Well,what time?"
    "Probably 2:00,we're driving to Seattle."
    "Well,can I think about it?"
    "Sure."Bella said,standing up,she muttered something about checking on Charlie,and left. Now here I am,sitting all alone in my room. Tired,alone,and completly useless. I sighed,and opened my copy of Cripin:Cross of Lead,and started reading it. I loved this story,it had death,deciet,lies...

    "Sarah?"I heard Bella say,as I opened my eyes. I jumped up. I'd been asleep? Crap. I couldn't remeber falling asleep,or anything.
    "Yea?"I answered her,rubbing my eyes.
    "Did you decide to come shopping with us?"
    "Huh?" I said,my mind still groggy.
    " You know,I asked you earlier if you wanted to go with me and Edward's sisters to shop,in Seattle." Bella said,smiling at my groginess.
    "Yea,just let me get ready first,please." I said,standing up,and stretching.
    "Sure thing,we still have a couple of minutes." She said,standing up,and walking out of the room. I got up,and put on a short black dress,with black leggings. My Great Aunt Emmy,packed a lot of black,thanks to my parents death. I basically had no other colored clothes. I sighed again,and went down the steps. There waiting for me was Bella,Uncle Charlie,and--as I assumed---Edward's sisters. They were just as beautiful as Edward,and now they were here in real life. I had to fight,to keep my jaw from dropping. The short one,with the short spikey hair,stepped forward,very gracefully,and held out her hand. I took it,and shook it.
    " My name is Alice,nice to meet you Sarah,Bella's told me a lot about you. You know you smell like her..." Alice said,smiling,her voice like wind chimes. Then the blonde one,who people---Even Alice a little--- seemed bland,in comparison,stepped forward.
    "My name is Rosalie,nice to meet you."She said,smiling. I smiled back,truly a little jealous.
    "Well,don't wanna be late." Alice said,starting towards the door,we followed her,and went out into the gray,overcast,normal Forks day.