• Later in the afternoon, Jesse came out with a megaphone.

    "Alright campers!" he shouted. "Here is your next challenge!"

    "But we just did a challenge," Max complained.

    "We did?"

    "Yeah," Cathy said. "What is it, you have bad memories?"

    "Anyway let's just ignore some rude campers here, Cathy, and get on with the challenge and hopefully someone, Cathy, will be eliminated and that someone, Cathy, will missed this camp for a long time, Cathy."

    Cathy arrowed her eyes at Jesse.

    "For today's challenge," Jesse started, "there are three parts. This challenge will be bee-related. So let's go to the theater."

    The contestants and Jesse arrived in the theater. Jesse sneaked outside and held out his megaphone.

    "This is how the challenge will work. Until someone run out of the theater, this part of the challenge will not be over."

    "Run out?" Paul asked. "What does he mean by that?"

    "I think we'll find out soon!" Max exclaimed when he saw ten beehives thrown into the theater from the back door.

    Soon the theater were filled with bees. Cathy swatted a bee but get stung by four others while Paul was an easy target and got stung by eleven bees at the same time. Carmen was chased by a swarm of bees while Max got chased by another swarm of bees. Soon Paul ran out of the theater.

    "Alright," Jesse announced, "look like Paul lose the first part of the challenge. Let's get to the next part."

    For the next portion of the challenge, Jesse had blended six bees in a blender and served four cups to the contestants.

    "Whoever don't finish their cup in a minute, lose," Jesse explained. "And don't worry, we have paramedics here."

    Carmen was the first to drink it completely up before fainting. With thirty-two seconds left, Max finished his cup and threw up. After sixteen minutes, Cathy finished her cup and was paralyzed. Only four seconds left and Paul hadn't even drank halfway through the cup. The time was up and Paul loss.

    "Alright," Jesse said "let's get to the next challenge."

    "I gave...up!" Paul cried with his last breath. "Get me...out of here already! Please...end the torture!"

    "As much as I want to see your agony end, I have no good conscious, therefore you'll have to pass the last part of the challenge."

    After being revived by paramedics, the contestants went back to the theater, which is now clear of bees. All of them were dressed up in bee costumes.

    "For this challenge, you'll have to performed a musical with each other about a bee. I'll be voting. So start singing."

    The contestants looked at each other for none of them know how to sing. Cathy started to sing first.

    Cathy: There's once a bee named Jimbles
    Carmen: Whose face were filled with pimbles
    Paul: She's nice...and uhmmm...cool
    Max: However she always drool
    Cathy: Her heart is filled with loves
    Paul: Her brain is filled with...uhmm boogers...I mean doves
    Carmen: She's caring and kind in many way
    Max: But her kindness and caring did not stay
    Paul: She became a...uhmmm witch and...a chicken
    Carmen: For that our laughters got thicken
    Cathy: And this is how it will all ends
    Max: With a big fat pimble consider as lands

    "That...was...horrible!" Jesse shouted. "Who sang a song about a bee with pimples?"

    "Me!" Carmen answered.

    "Cathy, I gave you a seven. Carmen, a seven. Max, a six. And Paul, a big fat zero. Look like you're going home dude."

    When the bus carrying Paul left, everyone waved goodbye.

    "Look like we're in the final three!" Cathy said and gave Carmen a hug.

    "At least I'll have the entire cabin to myself," Max said to himself.