• Our gazes locked and I could tell, we really weren't going to get along.

    His eyes I could tell, I could feel them doing something to me, or at least trying to. His older brother seemed like one of those guys that try to win over every girls heart just t make people jealous. Pure Evil.

    "Hi." Kazu mumbled as he picked up our bags.
    "Oh, no, no. Allow me little brother."
    "Really no need to."
    "I insist."
    "I decline."

    They kept bickering and grabbing the bags. I guess its my cue to step in.

    "Uh....I'm Ami, nice to meet you." I held out my hand for Kazu's older brother to shake. And it really wasn't actually 'nice' to meet him.
    "I'm Balmung, pleasure to meet you too." he said trying to act like a gentleman, psh, nice try.
    "Wheres mom and dad?" Kazu asked.
    "Out, hunting."
    "Well if you excuse us we'll be going to my room now."
    "Uh, uh, uh. Ami has her own room."

    Kazu grabbed our bags and my hand and began leading me up the stairs. I think that was pretty rude, Kazu walking away without saying anything.

    Kazu led me to a room that was white with a little gold and silver everywhere.

    "This is where we'll be staying at." in five minutes we were done unpacking, thanks to his speed. We both sat on the bed.

    "What was he trying to do?" Kazu asked, putting his arm around me and pulling me closer.
    "What do you mean?"
    "He was staring at you and you stared back, what was that all about? It makes me worried because after all the other girls stare at him they begin to like him."
    "All I felt was a force trying to pull me to him, but it didn't work."

    Kazu smiled. "That explains alot. It means that his powers don't work on humans."

    "Mom and dad are home!!!!" Balmung yelled from down stairs. Kazu stiffened. He hugged me then kissed my lips and grabbed my hand. He began leading me down the stairs. I noticed how when we were going down the steps his arm came around my waist and his grip tighten.

    "Well, well, well. A human in the house. This should be fun." A woman with, pale skin red eyes and hair almost like Kazu's, said.

    ~~~~Here she is~~~~
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    She was standing next to a man. Who looked like Balmung a bit.
    "Now, now Karen. Don't go overboard."

    ~~~~Here he is~~~~
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    Balmung came and gave them both a hug. He turned around and grabbed Kazu so he could stand next to them.

    "Ami this is our parents. Karen and Devin."

    "Mom,dad this..." he said coming closer to me, putting his finger under my chin to look at his parent, as he moverd his head closer to mine. "...is the stunning Ami." Kazu let out a growl and removed Balmung's hand from my face.
    "Don't touch her." he hissed and but is arm around my waist, protectivley.

    "Kazu you know the rules..." Karen began, then Devin finished. "...your brother is older so he can and will, get his hands on her, understand."
    Kazu growled louder.

    "Besides...Lola is here." Balmung said and behind him was a girl. I felt ugly compared to her, she was abselutly b-e-a-utiful.

    ~~~Heres Lola~~~
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    "Hello, love. Miss me?" she asked, a smirk on her face and she sneered when she seen me. "Pathetic." she added.
    "Not really." he said his grip on me tighten as he growled more.
    Lola let out a laugh.

    Kazu quickly brought me upstairs and placed me on the bed. He went to the corner and sat facing it as he kept growling.

    "K-Kazu?" I said walking a little over to him. His head turned around and his eyes, were a dark red. "Get back." he said still growling. He probly is just too mad.

    Little by little his growling stop and he began to calm down. I glanced at him and seen him leaning his back against the wall, asleep. I grabbed a blanket from the bed, sat next to him, rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. Not knowing what would happen with the bedroom door unlocked.....