• I woke up, somewhere different. On a bed. The room was dimly lit, dark, mysterious.

    Balmung roughly picked me up by my arm, sat me in a chair and tied me to it. Lola put tape over my mouth when I tried screaming. They circled around me, glaring.

    "You think you've won his heart..." Balmung started, "...but you haven't." Lola finished.

    (The " " goes back and fourth between Balmung and Lola, It's what they are saying to Ami, Balmung goes first.)

    "You're a human..."
    "...pathetic and weak.'
    "So fragile..."
    "....he can break you in two."
    "You father didn't want you...."
    "....Karen doesn't...."
    "....Devin doesn't...
    "... I don't and Balmung doesn't...."
    "...neither does Kazu." I felt tears in my eyes, why?
    "How could he ever love you..."
    "..your a human..."
    "....he deserves me...."
    "...yes he does deserve Lola." I can feel the tears running down my face, why?
    "Aww, did the food get hurt?"
    "He can eat you Ami..."
    "..suck you dry."
    "You'll grow old...."
    "...he won't love you then...."
    "...and you'll die."
    "You should die now..."
    "..I'll gladly do it, Ami..."
    "...but you'll suffer, SUFFER!!!"

    Lola jabbed a knife in my back and I screamed. Loudly. I'm pretty sure the whole world could hear it. To stop my screaming, Balmung bit down on my neck, hard. Everything fell silent.

    Where was Kazu when I needed him? I could hear Balmung drinking my blood. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't.
    "Kazu I need you..." I want him so bad. What if what they said was true.. he doesn't want me.

    The tears trickled down my face.

    "He deserves to be with Vampires."
    "And you're not one.."

    My vision ws leaving me, I felt light head. I felt like I am dieing...... I am. I could see the smirk on Lola's face.

    Vampires are dangerous. Yet I knew one that wasn't...I least I thought so.

    Balmung let go, he let my blood drip from his mouth, onto my face. My whole world... went silent and black......

    ~~Dream of a Memory~~
    "..and the two Vampires walked into the after life, together, forever." A woman so familiar closed a book. "Mommy, are Vampire real?" The little girl ssaid. The girl was so familiar, yet she was different, her eyes were violet, her skin so smooth, so healthy. "Some say they are, some don't. If u belive in them then you will meet one.. someday."

    Mom? Mommy? Mother? It is her. Tears trickled down my face again. Mother I missed you so much. I out stretched my hand to her, but she became a blur. "Mother!!!" I screamed. My world was black. I felt myself falling, into a purple mist.

    Please let it be death. I don't want this life anymore...

    I shot up straight. I seen the familiar black and blue room. I'm alive? NO!?!?!?
    I want to be dead, I want to see my mom again I hate this!!! I already had tears on my face bt when I rlized the pain in my back I cried harder.

    The door opened quickly and Kazu rushed to me. Kissing my forhead then pushing me back down to lay on the bed. He didn't save me. He....h-he. My breathing....it's...so..hard to.

    "Ami calm down, please."
    "You weren't there for me. Why!? I thought you cared Kazu... I." Crap I couldn't breath
    "Ami. Ami please calm down. Stop crying. Breath!! Ami."
    I...I can't breath.