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    Maddie (The beautiful Reaper you see pictured here) is currently out in the freezing cold wilderness of one of many soul forests within the spirit world with a colleague (whom I have decided to name Tristan) and are currently having a very interesting conversation.

    Tristan: "You just had to go and lose track of a soul".

    Maddie: "Hey! It's not my fault this guy was a slippery one".

    Tristan: "I'm surprised you weren't able to capture him in one of your traps".

    Maddie: "As I already before said he was a slippery one".

    Random Voice: "AHHHH!....".

    Tristan: *stops in his tracks* "Where the hell did that just come from?".

    Maddie: *shrugs sheepishly* "I don't know" OwO.

    Random Voice Again: "AHHHH!..".

    Tristan: *looks up into the higher branches of the trees and clearly sees the soul Maddie and him has been looking for clearly caught in one of Maddie's traps*.

    Maddie: *Slowly backs away while whistling innocently*.

    Tristan: *Turns around extremely fast making Maddie jump* *sighs* " Sooo Maddie, Sweetheart, How long has he been up there?".

    Maddie: "SInce this morning, Hee".

    Tristan: *walks towards maddie making her back up against a tree* So my dear sweet friend if you had already caught him why did you tell me that you hadn't caught him yet?".

    Maddie: "Uh well that's easy to explain I uh".

    Tristan: *Puts his finger on her lips to stop her from talking" "ya know I'd rather no hear you come up with half assed explanation, if you wanted to get me alone you could just asked".

    Maddie: *Pushes his finger away" "Yeah, but you've been so down and only focusing on your work because of what she did, so I thought you wouldn't want to and panicked and did something really freaking stupid.....".

    Tristan: "You of all people know how much I hate liars, I knew there was a chance you might do something like that at one point, but damn Maddie".

    Maddie: "I'm sorry....".

    Tristan: *sighs again* "I'm willing to forgive you".

    Maddie: "Really? I..".

    Tristan: *puts his hand up to stop her from talking* "There are two things you must do". "One: Promise to never ever lie to me again, there must be no secrets between us". "And Two: You have to go to the Reapers ball with me".

    Maddie: "Aw cmon it's so booorrriiinnngggg!".

    Tristan: "Ah, so you don't want to dance with me?"

    Maddie: "Ah! Hmmmm....".

    Tristan: *Looks at his watch* "Tik Tock Maddie this offer will end in 5...4....3....".

    Maddie: "Ok Ok I'll go to the ball with you!".

    Tristan: "And?".

    Maddie: "And I promise to never ever lie to you again".

    Tristan: "That's my girl".

    Maddie: *Blushes*.

    Tristan: "Alright, now lets go fetch that soul" *jumps up into the tree and lands gracefully next to the trapped soul*.

    Maddie: *becomes mesmerized by his gracefulness like many times before".

    Tristan: "Maddie stop drooling over me and get up here and help".

    Maddie: *snaps out of it and blushes hard* "I...I was not drooling!".

    Tristan: *gets a sheepish smirk on his face* "Maybe not physically, but the look on your face said differently".

    Maddie: *blushes even harder and runs over and kicks the tree 5 times in perfect succession*.

    Tristan: *Yelps and hangs onto the tree* "Ahhh stop it's not my fault you're so attracted to me!"

    Maddie: *Kicks the tree harder and faster*.

    Male Spirit: "Ahhhhh dude stop teasing her or were both going to die!".

    Maddie: *Freezes*.

    Tristan: *Just looks at him* "You are already dead duuuudddeeee".

    Maddie: *Facepalms and giggles*.