• Chapter 6: Travis’s gift and the bad plum berries

    It was early morning when the girls had decided to go pick berries before camp was packed up and before they had to continue their trek to the azure forest, “what kind of berries should we pick?” asked kyo happily as she followed akako in to the woods, “plum berries!” akako answered “they’re the best kind for sure!, just don’t eat the green ones those will poison you badly!!!” she told kyo. “Has anyone seen kin?” asked Travis as the two girls headed off, “he headed toward the field last time I saw him!” called out akako as she disappeared into a near by bush with kyo following close behind. “He seemed sad” kyo thought to her self, “I wander if he was thinking of his family.” “Oh! Ok” said Travis as he headed toward the field “thanks.” The field was more like a meadow covered in tons of little flowers of many colors, from blues to pinks and some with red tipped petals and bluish purple interiors. In the middle of the field there where no trees, but a few medium sized rocks jutted up ward from the ground so that when the sun shone brightly they shadowed out some of the ground below. Kin sat atop one of the larger rocks, his blue hair being rustled by a slight breeze and his ears acting like miniature satellite dishes as he picked up every little sound he heard. He looked out over the wide open field as he reflected on his past and how he couldn’t remember what had happened to his town. “Hey kin!” a voice shouted from behind him, it was Travis he was walking toward kin and in his hand held something long and thin, “ looks like akako was right” said Travis “I did find you here.” “What’s up?” asked kin as Travis took a seat next to him on a smaller rock. “I came out here to see if you were ok”said Travis “why did you wander off?” he asked, “I was just thinking of my home” said kin “my home and my family.” “Oh I see.” Said Travis “I was orphaned as a kid” Travis told kin “so I never really knew my family.” “So im guessing this is something we have in common” said kin “having no families I mean.” “Yeah I guess so.” Said Travis as he played with his hair, “oh!” said Travis there’s something I wanted to give you.” “Really? What?” asked kin now a bit excited, Travis pulled out the long, thin object he had been seen walking with earlier on “this” he said as he pulled out a light blue almost white sword, it was made of some sort crystal and had a dragon carved into the middle of it. “I made this sword” said Travis “it’s taken since the time I was thirteen to make this sword.” he told kin “I managed to find the last piece of it while traveling with you, kyo and akako.” “So you’re giving it to me?” kin asked “yes” Said Travis “when you used that power on that demon the other day I realized that you had something special about you.” He told kin “that power the serine universe, that’s the power of the divine gods.” “Divine gods?” asked kin “have you ever heard the story of the moon and the four adversaries?” Travis asked kin “no I can’t say I have” answered kin “well” Travis began “it’s the story of the gods that we now worship both in the city of mika and the city of usagi, the story of the moon god and his four adversaries begins long before our cities were built, in the skies over what is now the azure forest the moon god and his four sons lived in peace until one night when one of the four sons heard a few voices coming from the woods “we need a place to live” said one of them “a place to be safe from thieves and demons” replied the other “yes” said the first voice “a place where we can fit in and won’t be ridiculed for being different.” Now the son who was over hearing this conversation knew how the two voices felt and went to his father the moon or as we call him usagi sonaro and asked “father may we build a city for these people who have no place to go because they are different?” he asked, usagi looked down at him and said “you may build two cities, the city of mika and the city of usagi” he told his son “you my son azu hoshi are doing a great deal for these neko people.” Pretty soon the cities of mika and usagi were built and many people flocked to them humans and nekos alike, but unfortunately the son called azu died an early death after giving his life to protect one of the thriving cities, and because of that his ashes sprinkled down atop the forest above where he lived and thus the azure forest was given its name, it turns an azure blue at night when the moon is at its fullest. And with his first sons death the moon god was left with only three sons they’re names where mamoru hoshi, gin hoish, and kin hoshi. gin and kin where twins and looked very much alike but mamoru was very different he was very strong and never really spoke unless spoken to, he was hurt worse by the death of his brother then the others, at the age of 18 he was sent to earth to watch over the city of mika no one really knows what happened to him after that, gin died after he came to earth to fend off demons from entering the cities, kin who felt very lost after the death of his second brother was soon sent to earth to look after the town of usagi he soon assumed the name raidon and took up residents in the azure forest. It was said that his heart was devoured by darkness and he soon became power hungry and for hundreds of years he and his brother fought over there cities, it was said that radion wanted the city of mika destroyed but his brother mamoru would not allow it, and no one really knows if radion actually went through with his plan to destroy the city but some say he did.” Travis told kin “so you think that I might be a reincarnation of one of the four adversaries?” asked kin “yes” said Travis “you may be a reincarnation of one of the four sons of the moon god, and in thinking so that’s why im giving you this sword, its crystal compound should allow you to concentrate your powers in one center and will keep you from loosing control of them.” Travis told kin “I see” said kin “I’ll take good care of it.” For a while the field was silent as kin admired his new weapon, but just then a loud yell from across the field broke the silence and nearly scared kin and Travis half to death causing them to almost tumble backwards off the rocks on which they had been sitting. “Its akako!” said kin “and she seems upset about something.” “I wonder what” said Travis as they watched akako make her way across the field and up to the rocks on which the two boys were sitting. As akako ran up the rocks to get to kin she nearly stepped on Travis her foot close to a questionable area. “What’s got you all fired up?” kin asked akako as she climbed closer to him “its kyo!” she cried “what about kyo!?” said kin with concern in his voice, he was now standing up as akako began to explain what had happened “she ate a bad plum berry!” she told kin “and now she’s very sick, she went to sleep and now she won’t get up!” “May I add something to this?” asked Travis as he turned toward akako, “yes! What?” answered akako “watch where your stepping next time you nearly stepped on me in a really bad area!!!” Travis barked, “Oh! Im sorry!” Said akako “quit bickering you two!” kin ordered “and let’s get back to camp and see if there is something we can do for kyo!” “Right!” said Travis and akako in unison “lets go.” When they returned to the camp they found kyo lying on the ground she looked life less and her skin was pale with a slight blush on her cheeks due to a very high fever, “she’s to sick for us to do anything on our own we need to find a village with a doctor!” said kin “there’s a village not far from her called Tsunami, its small but they have a doctor there” akako told kin “then lets go there” said Travis “we have no other choice” “right” said kin, they quickly packed up camp and headed towards Tsunami village back up the path which they had already traveled. The sun was just beginning to set behind the mountains and the sky was beginning to turn a pinkish red color, “its almost dark” said kin “we should hurry, we don’t want to be out here when the demons come out.” “The village gates are just around the corner.” Said akako reassuringly “we’ll be there soon.” When they got to the gates of Tsunami village the sky was beginning to turn a bluish purple color and the sun had almost fully set. It was so dark now that the only thing that could be seen were the first to houses just in side the gates of Tsunami. When they entered the tiny village Travis decided to walk a head to see if he could find a doctor near by “dose anybody know where the doctor is here?” he asked, a couple who happened to be walking by pointed him down the path toward the back of the tiny village, “thank you” Travis said to the couple “kin!, akako! I know where the doctor is now follow me!” he told them, kin followed close behind carrying the lifeless kyo in his arms, when they finally got into the doctors kin placed kyo down on one of the five cots the doctor had placed around her office. “She’s really sick” kin told the doctor “she ate some kind of bad berry and hasn’t woken up since.” “Well” said the old woman “I’ll see what I can do, your lucky you brought her here when you did, because if this had gotten any worse she would have died.” “Im grateful” said kin in a quite voice “don’t feel bad” said Travis as he placed his hand on kin’s shoulder, “yeah” said akako “I’ll bet that by tomorrow she’ll be good as new!” “your friends are right” said the doctor with a smile “im sure I’ll have her up and ready to go by tomorrow, how about you and your friends spend the night here so you can be close to your friend ?” she asked him, kin looked up at the old woman with a slight smile “that would be nice” he said “may I stay in the same room as kyo?” he asked, “yes” said the doctor kindly “you may.” “I just don’t want to leave her side” kin thought to himself “I don’t know why, but I just can’t leave her.”