• ____It was a cold, windy morning on the day of November 26, 2009.Though today was "supposed" to be like any other, it had a magical feeling to it.What is this magical feeling you ask?Well, it was indeed love, my dear reader.

    ____The alarm annoyingly rung the old beeping noise next to my ear at the same time every morning, 4:00 a.m. Why so early?Well, I have things to do, places to go...Yea right, the only place I have to go is the prison cell they call middle school.But I'm a morning person, and I like to go see the sunrise in the morning.Though today would be the first morning in years I haven't gone to the beach to see it.I wanted to take more time on my image today since today was a special day.

    ____Getting up from my warm bed, that I actually didn't want to leave, I started to do my morning hygiene routine.Eat breakfast, brush teeth, and comb my hair were the first things on my list.Then I would take a quick morning shower to wake me up.I usually only shower in cold water, weird huh?But it is better for your hair so why not?After changing into my clothes I picked out to wear last night, I started to curl my hair and work on my makeup.I put in soft ringlets of curls to frame my face perfectly, or at least I hoped it was perfect.Then makeup...Oh, how I despised to wear it.It was just so frivolous sometimes, a total waste of my valuable time to me.But today was different, I had someone to impress today, so I had to look beautiful.I gingerly put on my mineral makeup with a brush, then worked on my eyes.Mascara, liquid eyeliner, and a tiny bit of cultured pearl eye shadow to make my blue eyes glitter a bit behind my lavender wire frame glasses was all I put on my eyes.Smiling at myself in the mirror, I hoped I looked attractive, but you can never really tell with just your opinion.

    ____I grabbed my book bag just in time to head out to catch the bus, which never arrived on time.It was a chilly morning, but I didn't care.I was used to not wearing a jacket at all, not even in winter.I walked slowly to a stop sign at the end of the street which was designated as my friends and I's bus stop.Sitting down on the curb when I reached the bus stop, I waited for people to arrive.But I was waiting for a certain someone to come, the only person who could easily put a smile on my face today.

    ____Yes, I was in love.In love with my best boyfriend, well, best friend that is a boy.Oh, however you want to put it...We had been friends since pre-school, but had just last year in 6th grade started to flirt with each other.It may just seem like puppy love to everyone, but I felt there was something more between us.I hadn't been able to sleep much for the past few weeks because of this day, because of him...Since today was his 13th birthday, and I wanted to confess to him after school.

    ____A few figures approached the bus stop, and stood up happily as I recognized them as my friends.Then I spotted him, my secret crush.Though dressed in a blue polo with a sweat shirt over it, he still looked cold.But that was probably because he was also wearing shorts.He had dirty blond hair that was cut to medium length for a guy, and had adorable dimples.Then there was his smile, that boyishly cute smile that made my heart skip beats.Yea, I do go for the innocent type...The group he was in were joking around with him about something, I didn't know what though.They finally reached over to the stop sign, and I smiled at all of them.Denis, who had also been my friend since we were little also, was also next to Ian, a friend of Rick's that seemed to hate me for whatever I did, and Rick.All but Ian smiled back at me as I came up next to them, and we started to chat about what teachers were a complete nut case.

    ____In my opinion, school in general was a complete nut case.Most of their rules were completely against my logic and I'm sure their mission in life is to drain kids of all fun by brainwashing.Heh, but that's just me...And every other fun loving kid in the universe.

    ____The bus arrived a little while later, and by that I mean at the time we are already suppose to be at school.But I didn't care today, it meant more time I could talk to Rick.Turning to Rick from looking out the window, I could feel my face heat up a bit.

    ___"H-Hey, umm, Rick?" I asked to catch his attention."Would like to go hang out at Flavorz after school?You know the smoothie place you really like...My treat." I said trying to sound causal, and was miserably failing at it.Though I, for the most part, kept on my sweet smile and composure.

    ____"Yea, sure.What time?" he asked back, smiling back directly at me.

    ____"Does 4 o'clock work for you?" I asked curiously.

    ___"Yep, well I'll see you there." he said getting up from his seat when the bus came to a stop in front of school.

    ____I could feel my mood brighten as he agreed, this was the best day of my life.Hopefully, when I tell him my feelings, he'll say feel the same way.

    ___The rest of the school day was filled with anticipation, the nervousness was making me feel edgy.Or it could be just mood swings; I'll never know.Rick was in all of my classes, except Chinese, since he refused to do it with me.But in all the other classes I stole glances at him from across the room.I couldn't pay attention to anything my teachers were saying, and I got in trouble in Math for not doing a paper correctly.Oh well...

    ____Then, in my last class, I heard that final bell of the day.It was saying that we were all free from the school now and got to go home.Like a giant stampede of animals, we all rushed down the stairs to the lockers, grabbed our stuff, and went out to the buses.The ride home was quick, and I did all my homework first thing when I got into my house.It didn't take long, and I'm glad of that because I didn't want to be late in meeting Rick.I took the public bus to Ginger Road, and got off, and walked the rest of the way.I reached the street next to Flavorz, and waited for the cross walk signal to turn green.But then, I saw Rick leaning up against the wall, waiting for me.I waved to him to get his attention, and he waved back.In a dreamy trance I started to walk across the street to him, smiling sweetly.

    ___A screeching horn sounded in my ears, making me wince a bit, and looked up to see the cross walk signal hadn't turned green yet.I turned my head in panic, and my eyes widened as I could feel my life flash before my eyes.A black 18-wheeler sped up to me, only a few feet away.I heard Rick scream my name, but it was too late.Getting hit by the truck, I was flung 40ft away, landing on the hard concrete road.Pain struck my body like lightning, and I could barely see out of my eyes.But I could see my clothes had turned a red as blood slowly erupted from my wounds.My arms and legs were no longer able to move, or any other part of me.My breath was shallow, and slowly I could feel myself losing precious oxygen.Someone had run over to me, and was yelling my name, but I could faintly hear it.They held me in their arms, and tears drops dripped from their face, landing on my now blood red skin.Breathing was painful, moving was painful, staying alive was painful...But I was smiling for I knew who's arms I was in...It was Rick's, and he was the only one who could put a smile on my face, even at death's doorstep.As I could no longer breathe, my world slowly turned to pitch darkness.And I could feel myself slip away from the cold, lifeless body and go someplace far away...It was a lonely place with no light, no warmth, and no Rick...This was "supposed" to be the best day of my life...So where is my happily ever after?