• Name - Arlan Karrina Rahl

    Profession - "Apprentice" sorceress

    Age - 15

    Hair - Black, short, spiky, messy

    Eyes - Golden brown

    Skin - Has a light tan


    T-shirt, but sometimes long sleeves (easier to hide things in, but restrict movement) (always a darker color: dark green or blue, brown, often black; solid colored, without decoration), black or dark blue jeans, gray converse shoes, sometimes a long black coat and black fedora.

    Magical Items Typically Carried With Her

    Shield bracelet (Tiny, silver, medieval shields linked together. Left wrist. Makes casting shields easier and more effective).

    Reserve necklace (Diamond pentacle on a silver chain. Gems, especially diamonds, can hold vast amounts of stored magical energy.) It holds a reserve of energy that she transfers into it. She keeps a lot of power in it.

    Staff (Similar to Gandalf’s, but made of dark, unpainted wood. Can change size of it with magic).

    Enchanted silver knives (Various sizes, all hidden. Unbreakable, will not rust or dull. Very useful)


    Trained to be a black mage from age five to twelve by a man known only as the Shadowlord. She looked into the eyes of a young boy that she was ordered to kill, and saw what she really was; not a sorceress, just a killer with magic. That night, she forever renounced her past and became a sorceress under the White Council.

    Mistrusted by the council leaders, she had been living alone for three years before they decided to assign her to apprenticeship under Richard Dresden, a powerful, though little known, wizard with a past similar to her own. He helps the Special Investigations Unit of Chicago with anything they think may have been caused by magic. 50 dollars an hour plus expenses, it’s worth all the work. He’s also listed in the yellow pages under “wizards”. What was at first a private joke soon became a good way to make a bit more cash, though most of it went toward the rent that was always late.

    Her Goal: To destroy the man who trained her as well as his followers. She has refused to kill them, but hunts them down and turns them in to the Council. If asked why she does it, she will say it’s for the money. Only Richard and the Council know the truth…well, aside from the ones she hunts, of course. They know all too well.


    Often anti-social-seeming, but is a loyal friend once she trusts you. Acts like everything she does is for herself, but, though she'd never admit it to anyone, she is a quite altruistic person. Often irritating and sarcastic, but is serious and (rarely) respectful when necessary.

    Spends her paychecks at McAllen's Pub. After living her life, she's an adult, and Mac doesn't have any problem with giving her an ale with her steak sandwich if she wants one. She isn't stupid enough to get drunk, but she'll drink one or two if she feels like it.

    Powerful, but only arrogant when she's trying to annoy someone. Understands exactly where her limits are, and pushes herself in training to extend them.

    Calm in the face of danger...actually she pretty much laughs in its face. Acts fearless, but is not reckless; she calculates the risks, and almost always has a plan...with a lot of room for improvisation. Often frustrated by the way pretty much anything made after the 1940s stops working around her, but has occasionally turned it into an advantage against mortals and their fancy (worthless) security systems...but that's another story...

    Will never wear a dress, skirt, high-heels, makeup, or jewelry (unless it is a magical object), unless necessary to get what she needs because in any other situation, it would be highly impractical (can't walk in heels, often had to fight for her life in the past, so she's always prepared for that, etc.).


    Using Yahoo Avatars, try the following items:

    Normal day: Black Long-Sleeve Fleece Top, Black Short Razor-Cut Hair, Face 2 w/Light Brown Eyes, Black Jeans & Metal Link Belt, Silver Heart

    Attempting elegance: Black Side-Swept Hair, Face 2 w/Light Brown Eyes, Silver Heart Necklace, Teal Wrap Tunic & Grey Pants

    For a good a idea of her bedroom, try Gaia Houses and the following items:

    basic wooden dresser,basic wooden chair, basic woodframe window, basic wooden table, dark cherrywood wall tile, birchwood floor tile, cerulean modern rug, dark leather sofa