• The hot sun scorched the already parched wasteland, sending the temperature rising to 120F. The rolling dunes went on for miles and miles on end, never being broken by plant, animal, or mountain. This was truly a God-forsaken place. The winds never stopped blowing, but it wasn't a nice cool breeze it was a wind like the air out of a hot oven.

    She had no idea why she was here. She was beginning to regret coming, though she felt like there was something more to this place. The sand whipped around her dirty blond curls, tangling them in a mess of hair, sweat, and sand. She raised a thin hand to her forehead, shading her eyes from the glare of the sun of the bright sand. She could see nothing. She turned to look from where she had come, and saw nothing, not even her own foot prints. This bothered her greatly. She remembered walking here, but yet she didn't. All she could remember was the glare of the sand and the horrible pain in her head. Oh it hurt! Like someone had cracked her skull wide open, though if that was the case, she could be dead... wouldn't she? How would she know, she wasn't a nurse, or was she? She seemed to remember a school... no... no she didn't. Everything was blurry. The pain was getting worse. The heat burned her skin, oh it was like fire! It was dulling everything in her mind, all her happy memories... were they happy? She couldn't remember.

    Oh it was so hot... she could hardly breath. She couldn't breath! She was suffocating! A flood of panic rushed through her body as she struggled to breath against the thick air. Her heart pounded against her chest and sand flew into her lung, causing her to cough violently.

    She fell to her knees, hands on her throat, spluttering. Oh why, oh why had she come here?! Had it been her choice? She didn't remember, she didn't remember anything, not even her own name.

    "I don't
    want to die! Please!" She yelled, her voice echoing strangely, as if she was in an empty hall, "Is there anybody out there?"

    "Shhhh..." a voice whispered softly. She couldn't see where it was coming from, she looked wildly around for the source, but it was nowhere to be seen. "Shhhh... You'll be fine, just hold on." She felt her hear cool, like someone was putting cool water over it. It felt so good. Her breathing eased, the sand whipping around her wasn't as thick anymore. She laid down on the ground, feeling so tired. Why was she so tired all of a sudden? It didn't matter... her entire body began to cool. She was so... so tired...