• Darkness

    It was a cold,harsh day in the city Monack.People are on the streets dyin
    of a cancer,a cancer that cannot be cured.It's a poison so strong,that it can kill
    you the momment it enters your body.Blood is seen everywhere,everyday,everytime.Those who survive are given a terriable curse.They must live alone.They must fight theAnimal.
    On December 19, 1995 a group of Subjects were rounded up for experiments,
    Experiments to test a "Cure" for the poisoned "Animals".The experiments will last years,the Removers estimate 3-6 years top.They will try this on 18 Subjects.Each Removerwill study one Subject's Animal side while at the same time tries to bring the real humanback.It takes alot of mental strength to contain the Ability to Control.

    15 years later an escape was planned and succeded.
    James walks down the sidewalk of Monack City.As he pushes through crowds of people he hears a voice, a faint voice in his head.The voice tells him to go somewhere far from the people.As he walks to an alley covered in windows,dark hollow windows,the voice speaks again Look,look, in the mirror's!Look! As he looks at the window he removes his hood and stares at the window.It starts to rain and his dark,black hair begins to cover his eyes."What?What am i supposed to see?!" he said bitterly. The voice said nothing.
    He began to walk away,then, he notices a change in his refliction. His eyes, they were pitch black,his iris white.His mouth had sharp fangs he had a dark tone under his eyes.He saw the reflicktion of an Animal,his Animal.
    James felt a sudden chill.Then the voice came back. I am the reason for your pain,hehe,I am the reason you are not a "Normal." " Where are you?! , How can I hear you,What are you?!"
    I am you...hehe...I am your self consious.A poison,An Animal......your Animal