• Fred and Barry

    Barry wasn’t a nice child
    He bit and he yelled
    He kicked and he screamed
    He would even take the last bit of food
    Away from a homeless man
    And watching him… he would laugh

    Fred was happy
    He frolicked and jumped
    He was polite, and always said thank you
    He was so great, he already had many admirers
    At the age of 8

    Barry and Fred met one day
    Fred said hello
    Barry punched Fred in the face
    Fred introduced himself
    Barry bit his finger
    What was wrong? Fred asked as he walked away.

    Fred went to Barry’s the next day
    Barry screamed, and kicked
    Fred, introduced himself to Barry’s mother whose name was
    Sally, who explained to Fred
    Barry had a mental disease

    He was bipolar Sally explained
    He had was insane at times
    And sad at others
    Fred noticed:
    That Sally looked very tired and sad

    Perhaps if Barry had a friend., Fred thought
    The next day Fred came back over to
    Barry’s house. He saw Barry
    His head was stuck in between two poles
    On the staircase

    Barry what are you doing!? Fred yelled
    Barry’s expression was manic, as he struggled
    Sally ran out of the kitchen, and looked
    She dropped the carrot she had in her hand.
    She unscrewed the pole… and pulled Barry out

    She sobbed as she hugged Barry
    Who was flailing around in her arms
    Fred… stood by… looking on the scene
    Confused out of his mind
    He did not understand.

    The next day… He went back to Barry’s
    Barry was sitting at the table, with a spoon
    Staring… staring at his reflection
    Hi Barry.
    Go away

    Barry turned his head towards Fred
    His face was covered in tears
    Fred took a seat next to Barry
    What’s wrong?
    Everything! He screamed

    I don’t know!
    It’ll be ok Barry
    How do you know?
    I just… know

    Fred came by the Next day
    And Barry was the same
    Fred said the same thing
    It’ll be ok

    For the next year Fred went to Barry’s every day
    He came and said the same things
    While making polite conversation with Sally
    Where’s your husband? Asked Fred
    Sally looked down sadly… Gone she replied

    Where did he go? Fred asked
    I don’t know…. Sally replied
    Fred went home that day
    And wondered
    How could she stand her life?

    Barry started to get a little better
    He saw a doctor
    And Fred helped him stay his own little self
    But one day
    Everything turned bad

    On Fred’s 11th birthday, he invited Barry
    Barry came over smiling
    With joy on his face
    It was his first Birthday party
    But when the cake came was when it went wrong

    Barry took a look at the cake…
    He grabbed the cake and tossed it off the table
    Stomping it under his feet
    Yelling foul words
    As he ran through the house

    Fred followed him
    As he ran down Dowry Street
    He finally found Barry
    In a deserted café.
    He was sitting in a corner—shaking

    What’s wrong?
    Everything! He screamed
    I don’t know!
    It’ll be ok Barry

    How do you know? He screamed
    I just… know
    Barry shook some more
    As he looked at Fred
    Fred looked back at him and said:

    Let’s visit the park
    The park? Barry asked
    Yeah… it’s a fun place
    Ok Barry agreed
    They both walked a ways to the park

    Fred showed Barry the swing set
    His eyes lit up as he swang back and forth
    How is it? Fred asked.
    Great! Barry replied
    He was happy for the first time in a long time

    Hey Fred? Barry yelled
    Yeah Barry?
    You’re my best friend. Barry said
    You too Barry. Fred replied
    You too