• The rain stung as it fell over me. The wind had picked up, too, making the already chilly day a very cold night. The moon beams reached down from between darkened clouds. Thunder boomed, and the rain came down harder. I stayed in the same spot, unmoving, my mind spinning. Too many things had happened too fast.
    I could feel my hair sticking to my face, like my clothes clung to my body. The tried to blow me away -off my spot- I'm sure. I wouldn't budge. My throat burned with the tears that I wouldn't let come. My heart ached with the sorrows I wouldn't let show.
    Murder. Such a sickening thing. Disgraceful. To fall from God's glory. To leave that from which you've always known. Why? Now, someone I used to hold close, causing my pain. I knew it wouldn't be long.
    I stared at the moon. Te beams seemed to point right to me, as if warning me. A frog croaked, as if signaling me to run. I stayed, unmoving, staring at the sky. Knowing.
    I heard something nearby, in the bushes. I heard the sound of a bullet being fired. I knew my time was up. I felt the pain, the rush of blood. I lay there, feeling my heart's last beats, taking my last breaths, letting the rain drown me as I stare up at the moon. It's beams dancing around me until there was no more, and I was, truly, unmoving.