• I looked up. Right as I looked up I saw Jessy's blue Mercedes slow down as she peered in my window with a smirk. Then she revved her engine and sped off. I got out of my old red Volvo and slammed the door. I looked around at the road and woods. All there was was trees and pavement.l I shivered as a raindrop fell on my head. I turned around and opened my door and grabbed my cellphone from the middle of the passgener's seat. I opened my phone and dialed my best friend's number. After three rings a voice said, "Yellow, Jayne! Hows it going, I was heading over to your house right now so we can hang.....Jay, are you crying?!"
    "Yes, now Emma listen. I know I'm a drama queen at times but Im honestly scared. And I...I'm cold, wet, my car won't start and Im standing in the rain so if someone sees me they can't know I'm crying! Emma come pick me up, I don't know were I am!"
    "Oh God, Jay I can't if you don't know were you! Just get in the car turn on the heater and try to calm down."
    "Uh..phew...oh okay. Im calm. Thanks Em. Im gunna go."
    "Okay, I'll see you at your house. Let me know if you get helo and on your way home. Im serious call me in an hour if you havent been helped. bye."
    Once the other end hung up I got into my car and wiped my eyes. I got my mascara and eyeliner out and redid my make-up. After about twenty-five minutes I started to hear a car from a little far away. I did a quick check in the mirror and stepped out of my car. I leaned against the car and looked up the road. As I stood there my jeans got soaked along with my black band tee. My brown hair was so soaked it look as if someone had been pour water on it non-stop. It was a good thing though the weather was lightening up. I looked up from the pavement to see the head lights of a white truck. I watched as the car slowed and the window rolled down. I walked up to the car and saw a man about my age, seventeen. He arched his eyebrow and said, "Need help? Or you just staging this?"
    I laughed without humor, "Yes, Im staging this car trouble and standing in the rain, cold, and wanting to go home. No idiot! Can you help me?.....please."
    "Sure, Im Victor Fazel. Hop in the car and warm yourself up."
    "Um, thanks. Oh Im Jayne Gerdice."
    As he got out he opened the door for me, he smiled at me. I felt my cheeks burn up. He started on my car, I quickly dialed Emma's number, it wasnt even one ring before I heard, "Hello! Jay! Are you okay?!"
    "Yeah Yeah Im fine some guy named Victor is helping me. Hey do you know him? He is wearing dark jeans, tight black shirt, leather jacket in his car, dark wavy hair, green eyes."
    "Im glad you're okay, I was so worried!"
    "Ems thanks for worrying but do you know him?"
    "Yeah. He started our school today I had to help Ben tell Victor were his locker is. He's cute isnt he?!"
    "Yeah. Oh got to go hes heading over here. Bye Ems love ya."
    "yeah you to."
    I clicked my phone and then shut it. He opened my door and said," Well, your car is out of oil. I called for a to truck to pick it up. I'll take you home."
    "Thanks." As he walked around I sighed and texted Emma: Ems he is takin me home. Go ahead and leave. I gunna talk 2 him. Since foster rents aint home I gunna invite him in. She texted back: got it. i wan details. He looked over at me and said," So, what school do you go to?"
    "Um, Sydes High. So do you... My friend Emma told me."
    "Ha, yeah she had to help me and this guy, Ben, get to my locker."
    "Um well since we wont have school for three weeks...maybe...ya know...we could hang?"
    "Yeah sounds cool, is it like a date?"
    "If you want."
    "Yeah I do."
    I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Yeah well I think first dates are sappy."
    "Huh, well you have to have a first date in order to have a second."
    "Not if we call this little exchange our first. Hahaha" I abruptly stopped laughing feeling self-conscious.
    "Dont stop laughing, I like it. I t sounds like a little six year old. Oh and this can be our first date."
    "Uh thanks...Oh hey I forgot I live on Plum drive. 8436."
    "Okay. So what are your parents like?"
    "Well...um they died in a car accident when I was seven....and so did...my little....little sister. Now I live with my Aunt Fran and Uncle Greg. I call them foster parents because its easier....because I cry to much about it....." I couldnt hold in my sobbs and I dabbed my eyes with my hand."I...I...Im...sor....sorry...I d-d-d-ont talk a-a-about i-i-it."
    He put his arm around me and said,"Its fine." He pulled me closer to him and I leaned into him. I can't believe I just told a complete stranger my story about my parents. When he pulled into my driveway.......