• I am walking in the rain, not now what to do or were to go. I just keep walking, and walking. My life has fallen apart and so should I. Thats why i just keep walking.
    The rain splashs on my face. I feel the coldness as it down my face. I walk on the pavement. It begins to turn to gravel beneth my feet. I hear a sound on the side of the grass. Its coming from the darkness. I take a step that way and see it is only my me making the sounds, but I think how can I make a sound way over there. I walk back to where I stopped. I frezze as I see it.
    The only thing I see is its cold dead body laying there in on the soggy ground. Its a little baby rabbit. I think that maybe I could have ben that rabbit if I wanted to, but im not. I dont want to be dead even if im sad. Im happy in the inside. This day isa sad day, but this is my day. My happy day.