• Kris, who now knows herself as Kristine Mikaveil, found herself in a large hall of the Kalavet Castle. She had been following the sounds and cries of battle. The further she went down the hall, the more she remembered that unfortunate night plotted against her. The night she was suppose to be killed. The sounds had died away some time ago now and she was careful not to make any sudden motions that would attract other vampires, or the other Kalavet family members to her. One of her hands closed around the amulet that hung around her neck. It would hide her long enough to find Darius within the castle unless she was to run into someone. Hopefully, it would not be Lord Kalavet.

    She finally reached the end of the hall where large doors were already opened for entrance. Kristine took in a deep breath, keeping her finger along the trigger of her gun sword. She first peaked in from one side of the door. Even though it was dimly lit, she knew that this was the ball room. A spark of light had caught her eyes and she quickly ducked back behind the door. Her heartbeat began to race in her chest. Kristine calmed herself and peaked around the door this time. She mainly used her periphal vision to see, but tilted her head over more to get a better look. The spark went off again as she looked deeper into the room. She notice the handle of a large sword, gleaming with the color gold like heated metal. Almost every 2 seconds, a serge of blue electric sparks zoomed acrossed it.

    Her eyes scanned down the sword to its silver blade, only to see that most of the blade had been hidden by something. Better yet, stabbed into someone. She took one step into the enormous room. She did not take her eyes off the sword. Kristine began to step closer, curious of the sword. The darkness seemed to overcome the faint light, even if the light was coming from the sword. Closer and closer Kristine proceeded until she was close enough to decifer what exactly was happening with the sword. It's blade was directly shoved almost completely through a body, maybe even some ways through the floor. Small flitters and twitches came from parts of the body where more electric surges seem to appear, linger, then dissapear.

    "Who could have done this.." Kristine muttered to herself. Her amulet then let off a bright light. The pure light lit up some of the dark in front of her. She was surprised at the actions of the amulet, but was satisfied with its sudden ability. She stopped inching closer once the sword was atleast arms reach. Another light had revealed itself, similar to the one her amulet gave off. It came from the body, showing a face. Kristine dropped her weapon once she saw the face. Her own face showed fear and worry as she dropped to her knees in front of the body for a closer, more better look. She reached forward a bit to atleast turn the head her way, but an electric surge came from the body, connecting with the tip of her finger and making her quickly pull away. The very faint rise and fall of the chest assure her that this person was not dead. Barely hanging in there one could say. "..D-..Darius?"

    She got no answer. "..Darius?" No sign of movement. She became frantic. "..Darius!" Nothing. Kristine reached out to touched his gloved hand, uncaring of the fact she may be shocked. And she wasn't. Some fabric of the glove made it an insulator to the electricity. Her hands closed around his, almost squeezing it in her grasp. "Please answer me!" She begged with a bit of a sob in her voice. Kristine held her hands, along with his, to her forehead. She tried not to cry, but the thought of being too late clouded her mind and warm tears streamed down her cheeks. The last thing she wanted at the moment was to say "Good-Bye" after finally regaining the memories of her past. Kristine felt light twitches of his fingers in her hand. The flitters became curling and wiggling of the fingers. She perked up immediately, looking at him. His head began to slowly turn toward her.

    "And here..I..I thought I was going to die alone.." His voice faded in and out as he spoke.

    " Don't say such a thing. You aren't going to die." Kristine shook her head. "Not here..not like this." His eyes fixated onto her face, connecting eye contact with her.

    "Kristine..You are..concerned? Does this mean you finally..remember? You remember us?"

    "That's right.." She smiled alittle, laughing a bit."..I remember. I remember everything. The stories, the village, the roses, myself..and your love." Without coming in contact with his his skin, Kristine slid the glove from his hand and adjusted it onto her owns. "I will free you from this.." Darius shook his head.

    "You are not strong enough to move this, Kristine. Don't force yourself to." She didn't reply. Kristine stood up and grasped the handle of the sword with one hand, and placed her other hand over that to get a better grip.

    "Oh, Darius..I can atleast try..before it's too late. I want to free you. So that we can be together again." Her voice became sob again. "I want to help you and be here for you." With all her strength, she began to tug on the sword. "Just like..you were there for me when I had no one, Darius." She struggled to pull it out and it didn't seem to budge at all, but she didn't stop. Kristine tightened her grip and began to pull at an angle with more tears streaming down her face and dripping from her chin. "I will..try for us..So we can be as happy and peaceful as we once were. Just hang in there..for me, okay?" Darius seemed speechless at her words. This matured and determined Kristine was no longer that afraid, sad girl he fell in love with. Inside, he felt proud and the cold within him turned warm with everlasting love.

    "Okay..I promise."