• The court goes through their polite motions and so do I. I look at the jury, my jury. I had to wait a week in jail to have my time in court. There was no need for me to have a lawyer because if the true murderer of Alexander White planned it all right, all the evidence would point to me and I would be put in jail... for life.
    I was interogated before this but I'm sure it didn't do anything for me. They asked questions like: Why did you do it? What made you feel it was right to kill him? What do you know? Can you say the name of the killer, or is the killer you? My answer was short but full of venom: You ask me why I killed him, but I did not. You ask me what I know, but I know nothing, therefor I don not know the name of the killer. They seemed shocked when the lie detector test showed that I was telling the truth, but I knew it would turn out like that because what I said was all true.
    I am called to the standd. I take that short walk to the chair but it feels like an eternity because all eyes are on me. I take a seat and I am immeadiately bombareded with questions that I have answered a million times before. I glare at my questioner with harsh eyes but that does not stop the ignorant man from questioning me.
    "Where were you on July 23, 2007 at eleven o'clock at night?" he asks. I consider my words carefully so I don't loose my temper. "I was in my apartment about to make a cup of coffee."
    "Yes, yes. You also say you recieved a phone call from Mister White, is that correct?" He is truly pushing the limits with me. "Yes, that is correct. You can even look at my cell phone records. The call was made at 11:02 p.m. and lasted approximately one minute."
    "Very interesting..." God! Why couldn't he just come up with some /original/ questions? "As for the evidence..." "What about it?" I ask, anger filling my tone. "My blood was found on the broken glass of the window, my fingerprints on the weapon the back gate and other sections of the house. Not to mention my hair, which can be found just about anywhere in the house. Did I miss anything?" I asked, icily. "In fact you did, Danny..." He had no right to use the nickname Alex gave me! I sigh. Alex... "You forgot to add that you had the blood of the victim on your shirt, your fingerprints on the body adn do not forget", he smirks before he continues with the lowest of all blows, "you were found clutching the corpse of Alexander White!" Now he turns to the jury and say triumphantly "Can you all not see the murderer that stands before you today?" They begin to whisper among on another.
    That was far too much for me to take. "Shut up! Shut up all of you!" I scream feeling a sudden pain in my head. Was I going crazy? No, no, no... "What? You kill someone and expect us to believe your word over the evi-" I have to cut that lawyer off. This started many voices in my head saying the same thing: 'You killed him, you killed him, you killed him.' And it is just me against them saying 'No, no, no I didn't! You people lie!' "I didn't kill him! Shut up! Just shut up!" I attempt to walk away from the stand but my legs collapse under me half way because the headache that had formed flared up so bad that I couldn't stand. The voices in my head keep saying I killed him but I know I didn't. I know I didn't... The voices in my head grow louder and louder to the point that I cover my ears in a vain hope that I will no longer be able to hear them. "Shut up... Please shut up." I sob into my hands. "I didn't kill him... I know I didn't."I cry.
    "This case is over. The verdict will be given soon. Now will the accused please be escorted to a private room?" the judge says but I only barely hear his emotionless voice.
    I am taken to a room. I don't notice what it looks like, but I don't even care. I take a seat in a chair and bury my face in my hands. Will the jury believe me? No, I doubt it...
    "Danniel, someone wishes to speak with you." a guard speaks. "Tell them to go away." I say pityfully. Against my wishes, two people come in, I don't see them but hear their footsteps. A woman runs over to me and holds mein her arms. She smells nice and comforting. I recognize the peopl as Alex's parents immediatly.
    "Oh, Danny!" she whispers. "I know you didn't do it! I know you didn't and despite what the verdict is, me and my husband know you're innocent. You couldn't stand to see Alex," she chokes up but recovers when Alex's dad puts his had on her shoulder, "with so much as a paper cut. I know you didn't do it. I know it." Before I realize it, I'm crying along with her.
    Alex's dad puts his hand on my shoulder. I look up into his eyes and I know he's on my side too. He offers a small smile and I return it. Sometimes the moments that mean the most are the moments when no words are expressed, just emotions. We are like this for a while and while we're like this the voices in my head shut up and I feel like I have a family again. My parents had died in a car accident a couple years ago.
    "Mr. and Mrs. White? You two must go now; the verdict is going to be given and the boy must be alone for it." a guard says, completely ruining the moment. They both give me a hug. Mr. White whispers in my ear "You're innocent and no matter what the jury believes you did or did not do, you have to hold onto that fact. You are /INNOCENT/; Never forget that." I nod and he kisses my head before leaving behind his wife.
    I am take back to the courtroom. I'm so scared of what's going to happen to me, especially after that out burst I had when I was telling the voices in my head to shut up.
    A man stands up from where the juury sits. I shudder at what awaits me.
    "Danniel Mayson... you were charged with the death of Alexander White and are viewed by this jury as guilty." I can't say that I was surprised but it still left a horrible feeling in my gut because I didn't kill him. "You are sentenced to life in a mental institution. That is all, thank you." What?! I'm not mentally unstable or insane! Not just that but I didn't even plead insanity in the first place!
    Two policemen hold me while the security guard handcuffs me. The two policemen grab my arms and begin to drag me out of the room. I squirm and shout one final thing before escorted out for good: "I didn't kill him! You are sending an innocent man to a mental institution... But the true killer is still out there!" The last sentence hangs in the air and the atmosphere is tense. That is all I notice before I am given a shot and everything goes dark...