• (in the beginning right here there is a news paper article stating the a mother has been stabbed to death in her kitchen, the grandmother "fell" (police think she was pushed) down 2 flights of stairs, and that the daughter is missing, and suspected of the murders)
    I don’t know how all this happened, it just seemed like 1 event after another, then all of the sudden... wait, I should explain what went on, ill start at the beginning.
    "Mom, I don’t see why we have to move in with g-ma. You know I was perfectly fine back in Denver, with all my friends!"
    "Hunny, you know why we have to move. Ever since your dad died, to many things back at home reminded us of him. I think that it would be good to start over, and your grandmother was kind enough to let us stay on the second floor of her house."
    After that, I was silent, I just look out the window at all the passing trees, until I heard gavel crunching under the tires, and looked up to see my new home. I got out and screamed at my mother, "MOM1 ever since dad died you have been acting like I changed, well I haven’t, and I’m still me!!! O and why don’t you just admit the truth, you and dad were drunk that night, and the only reason you survived, was because you just happened to remember your seat belt!"
    “You know what Krissy? I can’t take any more of you accusing me and your dad of being drunk that night!"
    "Really? Well the POLIECE REPORT said that you BOTH intoxicated!”
    “You read the police report? How..."
    “My dad died, of course in read the police report.”
    “Get the rest of your things out of the trunk and go to your room, and don’t come out unless told," my mother screamed.
    I couldn’t take any more of her denying the truth, so I grabbed my bags and ran up to my room. My g-ma's house is in the middle of a small forest, 1/2 mile behind her, our, house is a lake that I used to play in when I was little.
    When I got to my room, I sat my bags against the wall, and threw myself onto the bed. I don’t know how long I laid there until I fell asleep. my g-ma woke my up around 6 and said that diner was ready, she tried to talk to me but I wouldn’t listen, I just lied that I was really hungry, and ran down stairs before the interrogation could go on.
    Dinner was really oquard, so after a serving, I politely excused my self and went up to my room. My room at g-ma's well you wouldn’t think I belonged to me, the walls were a pink, and there were Barbie’s, Disney princesses, and girly stuff every where. My room back at home, the walls used to be, they still are, pink, only now they were covered I rock posters. I could here my mom and g-ma talking about me at the dinner table, but I was too tired to care, I just lay down and slept.
    I woke up around 1:30-ish, I thought I had herd a scratching at my window, I told my self that it was a dream or the trees and that I had nothing to worry about, but then it came again, only louder, then there was a whimpering, then a tapping at my window, when I went over it all stopped, but when I opened the curtains all I saw was this caramel face staring back at me! It was a coco spaniel!!!! I opened my window and let in the dog. It had a collar. Its name was spook, I found that rather ironic. The dog went to 1 of the room’s corners, curled up in to a ball, and slept, so I closed my window, and laid back in bed.
    That morning I woke up to a scream, and it sounded close. I sat up in bed, and saw a horrified look on my g-ma’s face.
    ‘What? What’s wrong?”
    “Where did you get that DOG?!?!?!?!?”
    “It was at my window last night, it looked scared, and so I let it in. Is there a problem with that?”
    “Yes there is a problem with that! Do you even know that dog? Do you know the stories about that dog?”
    “Ummmmm… no.” Well let it out the way it came in and I’ll tell you a story about that dog right there. When it’s out of the house, lead it into the forest and leave it there, then come down to breakfast, and your mom went into town looking for a job out here.”
    Am I supposed to care what my mom dose around here? No. I got up, let the dog that had been sitting quietly in the corner the whole time, out of the window, and got dressed. When I got out side to lead the dog into the forest, the dog was sitting at the back door, waiting for me, or at least it seemed. Well, I was going to do partly what g-ma had said, I was going to leave the dog in the forest, but I was going to visit it and feed it every day (if you cant tell I’m an animal softie). I tied a string around spook’s neck, and lead him, more like he lead me, down this path that he had just found.
    We walked for a good while, I say some interesting things, some really weird bugs, and stuff, but the weirdest thing, after a little while spook stopped, then started barking happily, like some one he loved was there, then he started struggling, and pulled the rope out of my hands, and he ran ahead of me. I chased that dog for not very long before I found him, but when I did *shudder* I will never forget the next few moments.
    Spook was standing on one of those plastic slides, you know like ones on the parks, or in back yards, the ones with the wood platform, looking up onto the wood part, I decided to check it out, how bad could it is right? Well when I got up to the plat form, well I had the creepy feeling that some one was watching me, but when I turned around, only spook was there, so I dismissed the feeling. When I stepped onto the plat form, I imminently noticed that the middle was rotted out, and not a 1 foot area around the walls were good for walking on, then I noticed the pile of leaves on the only corner of the platform, that wasn’t almost completely rotted out. The pile was large enough to be a small child covered in leaves, but when I looked closer, I saw something sticking out of the leaves, it looked just like spooks color of caramel. I made my way over to the pile of leaves, and the creepy watching feeling came back, and it felt like some one was breathing warm breath down my spine, but when I turned around, once again, no one was there. I bent down, and took hold of the little caramel thing, it felt soft and worn, I gave it a gentle tug, and out of the big pile of leaves came a teddy bear, but its eyes were missing. I just thought that since it was an old looking bear that the no eye thing was normal.
    On the way home, the dog followed me, so I tied him up to a tree not too far back in the woods, and promised to be back later. When I got it, g-ma had breakfast sitting on the table; I put my new bear on the counter, and joined her at the table. She looked at the bear then at me.
    “You sure lead that dog deep into the forest didn’t you?”
    “I took a lot of turns, and stuff, so I hoped that it got lost… I sure know I did!!!” I laughed, but g-ma didn’t.
    : so do you want to hear about that dog?”
    “Is this a ghost story?”
    “No, just that every house that THAT dog has lived in, well… the people in the house turn up either dead or missing.”
    “Ok I don’t want to know ANY more! That sounds pretty ghostly to me; I got stuff to do in my room.” With that I got up, grabbed my bear, and ran up to my room. Now you know how I said that I got that creepy feeling that some one was watching me, well when I got to my room that feeling came again, only so strong that when I turned around, I thought that I saw this girl. She looked like she either had really messy blond hair or curly blond hair, she was about my height, and she looked scared, sad, and mad all at once, and she was holding a bear that looked almost exactly like mine, only with eyes; but you know how your eyes can play tricks on you.
    That night, when I got ready to go to bed, I thought that I heard a little girls laugh, and it wasn’t that “that’s so funny!!!!” laugh, it was a “your in trouble!!!” laugh, I just told my self that it was the wind, and I had nothing to worry about. That night I did something I had never done before, I cuddled with that teddy bear, and for me that was a really weird thing, I never really had any stuffed animals when I was little, I would use them as weapons and throw them at any thing within hitting reach, so my parents took them away, and I never wanted them back. But yah, it was weird for me so be snuggling with a stuffed animal.
    I had dreams that night, dreams like I was possessed, that someone else was controlling me, that I wasn’t me any more, that I was someone else, some one that wanted revenge, all I could feel was hatred to the people that had done me wrong, but who had done anything wrong to me? And why did this knife feel so comfortable in my hands, the next thing I knew there was a women in front of me then the knife in my hands. I shot up in bed, shaking with fear, I hated the nightmares! When I laid back in bed, I noticed that my bear was gone, I sat up and looked for it, it was sitting on the other side of the room, in a corner, facing me, and the moon light coming in from the window, looked just like a jack-o-lantern face, only much scarier, I ran over to my light switch, switched on the light. Then I heard her.
    “Teddy doesn’t like the light, the light hurts him. That’s why he doesn’t have any eyes, the light hurts his eyes, but it hurts his hair to, but I can’t have hairless bear, now can I Mr. teddy? No I cant, no I can’t!” she sounded like she was talking to a puppy or a small child or something.
    “Now TURN OFF THE LIGHT! Did you hear what I said? TURN THE LIGHT OFF!!!”O, thee way she said that, ill never forget how scared I was then.
    In a week tone I replied “Wwwwhy do I nnnnneed to turn the light ouuuut?”
    “DO YOU NEED A REASON OTHER THAN THAT OF YOUR HURTING MY BEAR?!?!?!?!” so I turned the light out… that wasn’t so hard was it?
    “So we finally get to meet, don’t we?” with that she crossed over to me, so quickly that it seemed like she just appeared in front of me. She got so close that could smell death on her breath. “Do you notice that I seem to be having some trouble here?
    “Ummmmm wwwwhat trouble wwwwould yyyyyou be having?”
    “Don’t talk unless I ask you directly!”
    “But you were…”
    “Was I directly talking to you? No! Now would you like to know why I’m here? Yes, yes you would. You see I came from an abusive family. My dad well, he was the town drunk, my mom, my mom she was the type of mom that was the mom that you never knew when she would come home, but when she did it was head over heals in hell, she was the type of mom that stood around and ordered me to clean our incredibly messy home. O and I can’t forget about my sister, she was the pretty one, she was tall, skinny, and strait as strait could be brown hair. My parents always took her side, always let her boss me around, when they left she was in-charge, and she would just disappear, and come in 5 min before mom and dad got in.
    “You see now that I’m dead, I need to cross over, and the only way to do that is my sole needs peace, and the only way I can obtain peace is I need three people dead, now I am directly asking you, will you help me or will you just turn out to be another worthless life?”
    Seeing that she seemed less freaky, I said without shuddering, “How would I help you cross over?”
    “You see, my sole needs peace, I need peace, so for every life closes to you that you take, and I will be more at peace.”
    “So your saying that I need to take the life’s of three people that are close to me?”
    “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying, and if there are only two people you can find, your life will be sacrificed. So are you in, or do I add you to the list of people to haunt for the rest of your life?”
    “No, no, no I’m in but whose life should I take?”
    “Who are the people you are close to?”
    With a shudder I realized who she was talking about, “My mom and my g-ma! But you can’t take their lives, you can’t!”
    “O, but I won’t be me doing the killing. You see, I’m only spirit so I cant pick up anything, and I cant get close to any one, so I need someone to do it for me. That’s where you come in, only I’ll give you a little time to think about it. The way I’ll know, is that if I see my teddy bear in the park in two days afternoon, then I’ll know that you backed out, and I’ll haunt you in every way possible, but if I see you and my teddy in two nights at the park, ill know your in, and I’ll tell you way to do, got it? I’ll see you later.”
    And with that she was gone.