• The next morning we woke to get ready for our first class. It was going to be my favorite class this year; P.E. Riely wasn’t too thrilled even though I was the one who trained him, along with Papa. He needs some more confidence, oh well nothing I can really do about it. We lined up with the other students outside of the class room doors. These doors were different from the other doors we have seen. These doors were at least twenty feet tall. I had the sudden urge to try and touch the top of the doors, don’t know why but I did. So I decided to what I wanted. I jumped as high as I could, which was about a good fifteen feet (I’m a demon so it was easy) and I fitted my foot in an engraving on the door to lift myself the rest of the way up. When I touched back down quite a few of the other kids were cheering for me which I thought was cool, but then I heard this voice, “Humph show off.”
    I turned and looked to see where the voice came from and this kid with dark blue waist length hair stepped up to me. “Yeah so?” I answered him.
    He gave this condescending smirk that I just wanted knock clear off his face but thought better of it. Papa always told me first impressions were very important, not that I cared what this jerk thought of me. “Nothing just that every idiot I seem to meet is a show off,” that was what he said to make me really pissed off.
    “Why you,” I clenched my fist ready to fit his pretty boy face when Trinity grabbed my arm. “Oi what do ya think you are doin’?”
    I noticed he was pointing somewhere. I followed the direction of his finger and there was the teacher. I looked back to Trinity, who wearing his usual goofy smile, and gave him a smile of my own. “Is there a problem here?” he asked me then looked over to the blue haired prissy boy.
    “No sir,” I answered.
    “Chianti?” the teacher was looking at the other guy so that must be his name.
    “No,” Chianti answered giving the teacher one of the coldest looks I have ever seen, but maybe he always wore that expression. Oh well now I have a name to go with the Jerk.
    The teacher opened on side to the doors to let us through. Inside was amazing it was like being outside. “This is the Outside Room,” the teacher explained, “You will al be having P.E. in here until you graduate high school. After that you will be using the forest. Now we call this room the Outside Room because it gives the illusion you are really outside. What is really happening is this room is really the size of any of your other class rooms, everything you see is a shrunken version of what it really is. Everything from the mountains, to the bushes, to the pyramids in the desert, even the animals that live here. We have placed a shrinking charm in the air of the room so the farther you travel back into the room the more you shrink making everything that has already been shrunk actual size. Any questions?”
    Half of the class were still amazed at the room, well me I just wanted to go hiking up the mountain and hop the rocks in the near by river. “Ok,” the teacher started to yammer again, “This semester we will be working on stamina, so we will be taking a hike up the mountain.”
    “Yes!” I jumped up and down, I was ready to go, I couldn’t wait to go, but then somebody had to piss on my parade.
    “Do you always act like a child?” it was that damn Chianti again.
    “Yeah are you always such an a**?” I was fed up with this guy.
    “Jodi Chianti and Sean Doyle you two will be partners for the term the rest of you pick,” the teacher just announced to the whole class.
    How could he do that? Oh well being partners how bad could it really be? “If you hold me back in any way Doyle you’ll pay for it,” Jodi hissed right in my face.
    Oh this is going to be hell.
    We were enjoying our hike up the mountain, oh I’m sorry did I say we? I meant everyone else except me and Jodi.
    “Pretty Boy.”
    “p***y,” we were going back and forth until I said that, and that’s when he tried to hit me instead.
    “Hey Doyle, Chianti you’ll be holding hands next if you keep that up!” the teacher shouted back at us.
    Jodi and I shot glares at each other. “Mama’s boy,” I always have to get the last word in.
    We got to the top of the mountain and the view down was as amazing as I thought it would be. We over looked the river that lead to this gigantic lake, and to the right there was this desert that had at least three great pyramids. Then what I could see, up further on the mountain, this marble Chinese temple, which was weird cuz marble, is usually what the Greeks use, and I was sure it was a Chinese building.
    Trinity spotted me looking at the weird temple. “It was built to honor the peace,” he said viewing the building with me.
    “What peace?” I knew that this school was supposed to be for world peace or some other crap that’s never going to happen, but I had this feeling he was talking about something else.
    “My mother told me about it, about the Zodiac War,” it must have shown on my face how confused I was about his story because he continued, “Long ago when the earth just came out of the making the God and his angels chose twenty four zodiacs. These Zodiacs were to rule parts of heaven that God and his angels assigned them. The Chinese zodiacs were to rule the East and the Greek were to rule the West. Unfortunately everything is eventual the Zodiacs grew greedy and they wanted the others space of heaven. Their war gradually made its way to Earth where the beings of Earth witnessed the Zodiacs’ powers and were afraid at what they would do if to their precious planet. So the strongest of the Demons, Humans, and Elves sealed away the Zodiacs into their own weapons.”
    “I’m sorry weapons?” I was a bit confused.
    “There was a rumor that each of the twenty four Zodiacs had a special weapon, that had special qualities,” Trinity patiently answered me; he was a pretty stand up guy.
    “Oh I see so where are the weapons now?” apparently Kuro, Riely, and even that Jodi jerk were listening to the story as well.
    “Ah well,” Trinity was suddenly embarrassed, “nobody knows where they are now.”
    “Hey are you kids done?” the teacher was going over the class regiment with the other kids, but I liked our lesson much better.