• i hug myself as i walk my breath coming in stabbing me like daggers, i look around me

    hoping the mean streets don't get me hurt.i walk threw the park and i hear children laughter,

    its strange this late at night there are kids out?, no...... i shake my head and walk on i see a dog

    he looks hurt, i walk to it but it vanished. i run out of the park to see a bright light..... nice going

    me i get hit by a car, but for some reason I'm not hurt. i look around me and that's when i ran

    everything around me rusts and i hear a roar. I run as fast as i can but i hear feet stomping.

    i get cornered and i hear it roar again, i close my eyes as i hear it run at me........ i hear nothing

    i look around and see nothing but an old man. i look to him " old man where is the demon?"

    he smiles " in you in me well my boy in everyone." i look at him some what confused " no my

    good friend i mean the big thing chasing me." he stands there for abit and smiles at me

    " what is your name boy?" i look at him " my..... my name?" he smiles " yes boy the thing

    people call you by" i blink for abit " its josh" he smiles " well josh what is a demon? a inner

    hatred? a secret? maybe a miss understanding and sometimes a fleshy inhuman object"

    i look at him " yes? so whats your point ?" he smiles and the buildings around me slide

    away. he looks at me " the queistion you should me be asking is........ is this real." he

    vanished"........ or have i gone mad?"